Book Review: Celebrating The Journey by Ashley Hill

Title: Celebrating the Journey Author: Ashley Hill Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir Age Group: Adult Rating: 4 stars Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Ashley Hill is excited yet nervous about her first year of college. She has an encounter that sends her life on an unforgettable path. She begins on […]

Book Review: My Hero is My Monster

This book is cruel, gruesome and terrible. It’s honest, disturbingly so, and its strength is its honesty and brutality. I applaud the author for her courage to tell us this story, which is non-fiction, a memoir of sorts. The story is straight-forward, without flowery language to hide the cruel truth. For telling this story alone, the author would get my full five stars. Unfortunately, there were some easy-to-catch typos I saw, and since this book is fairly short, I would think it could benefit from another quick spellcheck, so I deducted a star for that, hence the four stars.