There are a number of different ways you can subscribe to I Heart Reading and keep track of the latest posts.

Subscribe to the RSS Feed.

This is perhaps the easiest way to subscribe to our website. You can find our RSS Feed HERE. It’s powered by Feedburner. You can subscribe to our RSS Feed using a large number of Feed Readers.

I personally recommend Feed Demon as a dekstop Feed Reader.

If you don’t know what RSS means, take a look at Wikipedia, Problogger and Feedburner to read more about RSS and why it’s useful for all bloggers and website owners out there. Parajunkee also has an interesting article called Book Blogging 101: Let’s talk Feedburner.

Email Subscription

Another simple way to subscribe to I Heart Reading is by email. You will get an update in your email when the website is updated, special promotions or contests are hosted, etc. The maximum number of emails sent is one in a day – if there happen to be more posts a day, the posts will be combined in one email.

The advantage of subscribing by email is that you get a chance at winning a book during our monthly email subscribers only contest. Each month, a lucky winner will get to choose between three books reviewed on the website during that month. The books are primarily written by debut authors. The contest is international.

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We have our own Facebook Page for I Heart Reading. If you ‘like’ our page, you will receive updates for our website on your Facebook homepage.

Networked Blogs and Linky Followers

Another interesting way to subscribe to our blog, is by following us on Networked Blogs or using Linky Followers. The easiest way to do this is by clicking the ‘follow’ buttons in the Networked Blogs or Linky Followers widget in our right sidebar.

Google+ Circles

You can also add I Heart Reading’s Google+ Page to your Google+ Circle. That way you’ll get updates on what happens on the blog right on your Google+ homepage.

Unfortunately, posts aren’t syndicated to Google+ right away yet, due to the fact that the software API is not given out yet by Google+, so updates on the blog aren’t automatically posted on Google+ yet. That means that, since I only update it once every couple of days, you might miss out on book posts when only following through Google+.


Another fun way to follow I Heart Reading is by adding me on Twitter. The advantage of adding me on Twitter is that sometimes I post completely random, hilarious comments on there, nag about my favorite book characters not hooking up yet or be a total fangirl about The Vampire Diaries or Supernatural.


Last but not least, I love getting new friends on Goodreads. If you send me a review request, and you’re a fellow book blogger or author, chances are that I will accept your request immediately.I already have more than 300 Goodreads friends, and I wouldn’t mind a couple more!