I Heart Reading offers both free and paid options for authors to promote their books.

Book Reviews

Naturally, I’m open to reviewing books. That’s the whole reason why I started a book review blog in the first place. Please take a look at my review policy before requesting a review of your book.

Apart from your book review, I can also host an author interview, a giveaway (I love hosting giveaways!) or host you as a guest blogger on my blog.

Please contact me at to request a review of your book.

Author Interviews, Guest Blog Posts, Giveaways, Book Excerpts

I’m happy to host author interviews, guest blog posts and book excerpts from your book. Of course not all dates work for me, but if you shoot me a date we can talk about it. As for giveaways, I currently use Rafflecopter to host giveaways on my blog. I’ll pick the winner (it’s random) and then I’ll get the winner’s info to you.

You can contact me at if you would like to talk about this.

Book Tours

I’m happy to participate in book tours if the book interests me and I have an open date. I’m currently booked for about two months ahead. Please let me know when your tour runs, everything about your book, and what you’d like me to host, and I’ll see if I can host the tour.

Please email me at in regards to book tours.

Paid Advertising Options

I Heart Reading also offers advertising options for authors and publishers. We have various advertising sizes.

120×200 : $10/a month (ideal size for book covers!)

200×120: $10/a month (ideal size for banners!)

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I accept payments via PayPal only. You can schedule advertising for several months in a row, or for multiple books. Please contact me at about advertisements.