Review Policy

At the moment, I’m available for reviewing books, provided you send me a review copy. I accept self-published books, and books by small publishers. My preferred list of genres is shown below. If your book doesn’t fall in one of the genres listed below, I will likely not accept it for review.

  • I prefer print copies, but keep in mind that I live in Belgium, so there will probably be shipping fees when you send me the book.
  • I can also accept eBook copies when they’ve been provided through Netgalley or on Amazon Kindle.

Please contact me at to request a review.

Expedited Reviews

I do not accept payment in exchange for reviews, however, if you want your review within a certain time frame, I can push it to the front of the review line in exchange for a small fee.

Less than 200 pages: $10 – book will be reviewed within 5 days (not including weekends).

More than 200 pages: $20 – book will be reviewed within 7 days (not including weekends).

Again, you’re not paying for the review, just to have me review your book within a certain time frame.

Payments are accepted thorugh PayPal only, and please let me know you want this service when you contact me.

My Book Preferences

  •  I love reading: horror, ghost stories, reverse harem romance (both paranormal and contemporary), paranormal romance, fantasy novels (ranging from epic to urban fantasy and every genre in between) and basically anything that has to do with the supernatural for middle grade, young adult and adult audiences. I also enjoy mysteries and thrillers. These don’t need to have supernatural elements – I enjoy a good murder mystery or court room thriller too. In the non-fiction category, I enjoy reading true haunting books and true crime. In terms of romance, as I mentioned, I prefer reverse harem or paranormal romance but what I particularly enjoy is: bully romance and enemies-to-lovers.
  • I like reading: children’s books, science fiction, YA contemporary romance novels and non-fiction books dealing with writing, publishing books and book promotion, webdesign and WordPress.
  • I occasionally read: adventure novels, contemporary romance for adults, erotic romance (especially if it has a paranormal spin), historical fiction.
  • I will not read: other non-fiction books, memoirs, erotica and biographies.

Other Promotion Options

Apart from reading and reviewing your book, I can also host an author interview, post a guest blog by you on my website or host a giveaway of your book.

Please read the Promotion page, to figure out what others way I can help you promote your book.

Other Useful Information

  • Series: I will gladly review books that are part of a series, but if it is a series I have not read before, I will have to request previous parts of the series, or else I won’t be able to complete the review.
  • Previous Releases: Naturally I accept upcoming releases, but I have no problem with books that have been out a couple of months either.
  • Languages: I accept books in English and Dutch, however all my reviews will be in English. I do not accept books in any other language.
  • Honest Opinion: My review will not necessarily be a positive review. I will state my honest opinion of the book, nothing more and nothing less.

About my reviews

My reviews include:

  • Cover Art
  • Book Title
  • Author Name
  • Genre
  • A Rating
  • Synopsis of the Book
  • Links to Amazon (sometimes also to B&N and Book Depository if applicable)

I crosspost my reviews to Goodreads and Amazon.

ARC and Finished Copies Policy

I will never sell ARCs or finished copies of any book I receive. Actually, I feel very proud and happy for being able to read and review so many wonderful novels, and I wouldn’t have the heart to sell them ever. They all get a nice little spot next to my other novels when I’m done reviewing them.


Almost all of the books I receive for review are provided by the publisher or the author. I do not accept/receive monetary compensation for my reviews. I always try to give my honest opinion of the books I receive.

If you have any other questions, or you want me to review your book, don’t hesitate to contact me!