Book Review: Devil’s Bride by K.G. Isaac

Title: Devil’s Bride

Author: K.G. Isaac

Genre: Mystery, Erotic Thriller

Age Group: Adult (18+)

Rating: 3,5 stars

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Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

A breathtaking mystical and erotic thriller that goes beyond imagination

Rabbi Menahem Mendel Schul, a reputable Jerusalemite matchmaker, is forced to take upon himself a ‘satanic’ assignment: finding a suitable human match for the Devil! He has exactly one year to accomplish the mission, or else his body and soul will go through the Seven Halls of Hell. Will he meet the deadline?

What happens when a Hasidic matchmaker is ordered to find a wife for the Devil?

The Rabbi embarks upon a frantic quest on the Devil’s characteristics and sexual preferences, so that he can find him a proper match. He is trying to find answers in both centuries-old and contemporary literature on Kabbalah, occultism, black magic, incantation, sorcery, satanic cults, devil-worship, and the like. Finding hypothetical insights insufficient, he makes up his mind to experience some of it personally. He meets with an African sorceress, takes part in a drugs-and-sex orgy in a German cemetery and witnesses a blood-chilling ritual performed by a Brazilian satanic cult.

Finally, the Rabbi succeeds in convincing two young Jewish girls to comply with his perverted plan, promising them a heavenly match, but firmly refuses to reveal any details about the chosen one’s identity. He then gradually prepares the girls for their superhuman challenge – sexually satisfying the Devil. The ‘training course’ includes exposure to drugs, perverted group sex, brutal rape, extreme BDSM sessions, and more. It is not long before the Rabbi finds himself living in his own dark underworld, where sin, lust and deviance become a hellish yet arousing routine.

Devil’s Bride is an exciting and gripping mystical novel that delves into the depth of sin, desires and spiritual transcendence. The twists in the powerful plot will leave you breathless up to the surprising climax.

In Devil’s Bride, the concept is quite awesome. Rabbi Menahem Mendel Schul, a reputable matchmaker, is forced to find a suitable match for none other than…the devil. He has one year to accomplish the mission, or his body and soul will be put through the Seven Halls of Hell. Rabbi emarks upon this seemingly impossible task, trying to find out the Devil’s characteristics and sexual preferneces. He searches for answers in all kinds of literature, the occult, even black magic, and even does some field research of his own–such as participating in an orgy, and witnessing a ritual performed by a cult.

He finally succeeds in convincing two young Jewish girls to comply with his plan, and then prepares them for their challenge: to satisfy the devil. The training course involves drugs, rape, extreme BDSM, and the likes, while the Rabbi himself ventures deeper and deeper into dark desires, becoming more and more like the Devil himself.

Some of the rape / drugs / BDSM parts were over the top for me, and I didn’t enjoy them all that much. I did like the concept, and I also liked the Rabbi’s own descent into madness and wickedness, and how he started to resemble his client–the Devil–over time.

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