Reviews B

An alphabetical list of authors by last name and their books reviewed on the website.


Babbitt, Joel

The Trials of Caste (Paladin of a Hidden God #1)

Into the Heart of Evil (Paladin of a Hidden God #2)

Baccaro, J.W.

Crossing Forbidden Lines

Bailey, Lori Ann

Highland Deception

Bain, January

Forever Woman

Baker, Elliot

The Last Ancient

Baldwin, Edward C.

Father’s House

Ballance, Sarah

Ruby Hill

Bane, Tom

Masks of the Lost Kings

Bane, Veronica

Mara (Unusuals #1)

Miyuki (Unusuals #2)

Banks, Anna

Of Poseidon

Barber, Richard Farren

The Sleeping Dead

Bardan, Lyla

A Sprint to his Heart

Barnes, Collin F.

Dead Five’s Pass

Baroni, J.T.

Born of Greed

Barton, Jen

Fiona Thorn and The Carapacem Spell

Bassat, Dafna Vitale Ben


Bassoff, Jon


Factory Town

The Incurables

Bates, Natalie-Nicole

Antique Charming

Bates, Nicholas

At The Sharp End of Lightning

Bathgate, R.J. & Hall, M.J.

Darkview: Psychosis

Bauer, Belinda

The Beautiful Dead

Bauer, Christina

Crowned (Beholder #4)

Baumgartner, Boom

Dora’s Jinx

Bavati, Robyn

Dancing in the Dark

Beaumont, Maegan

Carved in Darkness

Beck, Kelli and Beck, Erin

Talking Walls and Cigarettes (And Other Dark Tales)

Bedford, Erin R.

Witching on a Star (Academy of Witches #1)

As You Witch (Academy of Witches #2)

Becks, Polly

Thursday’s Child: Far to Go

Belanger, Pj

The Thunderstone (The House of Storem #1)

Bells, Krissy

A Special Love

Bennett, P.H.T.

Raising Sleeping Stones

Bernadine, Victoria

A Life Less Ordinary

Bernardo, Erin Marie

Scent of the Past

Berne, Emma Carlson

Still Waters

Bernstein, David

Apartment 7C


Relic of Death


Bernstein, George


Betancourt, H. A.

The Imaginarium of the Innocent

Beukes, Lauren

Broken Monsters

Bevil, Steve

The Legend of The Firewalker

Binyamini Amnon

Until Sweet Death Arrives

Birdsong, A.C.

Inside the Tall, Thick Book of Tales

Black, E.B.

Bright’s Passion

Black Rose

The Killing Game

Black, Saul

The Killing Lessons

Black, Holly & Clare, Cassandra

The Iron Trial (Magisterium #1)

Blackmore, D.J.

Charter to Redemption

Blackstream, Jennifer

Divine Scales

Blackthorn, Christina

By My Choice

Blackwell, Caldric

The Sacred Artifact

Blain, R.J.

Winter Wolf


Blanchard, Evonne

Amelia, the Venutons and the Golden Cage

Blake, Bridie

The Jewel of Kamara

Blake, Kendare

Anna Dressed in Blood

Blake, Leta

The River Leith

Blake, Lloyd


Blake, T.J.

The Author

Blakemore, Kim Taylor

Bowery Girl

Bland, Roxanne

The Moreva of Astoreth

Bogart, J.M.

Liminal Lights

Bogin Feinberg, Michael and Bogin, Rony


Bohjalian, Chris

The Night Strangers

Bolton, S.J.


Bonito, Jessica

Camelot Lost

Boom, Naomi

To Dodge A Duke

Boone, Martina

Love for Two Lifetimes

Boris, Greta

The Sanctity of Sloth

Bostic, April

The Howling Heart

Boston, Brandon

Battling Demons of Darkness

Boston, Claire

Place to Belong

Bosworth, Jennifer

The Killing Jar

Bowler, Michael J.


Boy, Al E.

‘Til The Last Snowflake Falls (The Adventures of Fawn Book One)

The Ona Pendulum (The Adventures of Fawn Book Two)

Far And Yet So Near (The Adventures of Fawn Book Three)

Boyle, Terry

Haunted Ontario 3

Haunted Ontario 4

Boyne, John

This House is Haunted

Bradbury, Jennifer


Brady, Emma


Brand, Sam

Dolphins Don’t Run Marathons

Brass, Charles

Earth Cell (The Ux-Blood Trilogy #1)

Braswell, Carol

Finding Amy

Saving Jamie

Braswell, Liz

The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Brecht, Michael

The Productivity Book

Breslerman, Sara

The Xanthippe Factor


The Dark Horde

Brezenoff, Steve

Curses for Sale

Brijs, Stefan

The Angel Maker

Brill, Talma

The Hand: The Mirror of the Soul

Brooke, C.K.

The Duchess Quest

Capturing the Captain

Brosky, Ken

Blood and Thunder (The Grimm Chronicles #5)

Brown, David

Fezariu’s Epiphany

Brown, David and Brown, Donna

The Bleaklisted Books

Brown, Trev


Buccieri, Lisa Rojany

Surviving the Angel of Death

Buchanan, Andrea J.


Buchanan, Meg

Song for Jess

Buchmann, Jacina

Whispers in Eternity

Buehlman, Christopher

Those Across The River

Buffie, Margaret

Who is Frances Rain?

Burgess, Ben Jr.

Love and Happiness

Black and White

Burgess, Donna

Darklands: A Vampire’s Tale

Burgis, Stephanie

Kat, Incorrigible

Burke, Patrick

Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg

Burko, Helen

A Kind of Woman

Burnett, David

To Fall in Love Again

Bush, Holly

Reconstructing Jackson

Butler, Hazel

The Uber Author Planner

Byers, Paul