Reviews I-J

An alphabetical listing of all reviews on this website, first by author’s last name, then by title.


Imbrogno, Philip J.

Haunted Files from the Edge

Ingalls, Jacob & Ingalls, Ryan

Corlex Episode 1 – Titan and the Reaper

Isaac, K.G.

Devil’s Bride


J. Becky

Ghost Sanctuary

Jablonski, Carla

Shadow of the Sphinx (Charmed, #16)

Jackson, A. Demethius

The Realmsic Conquest

Jackson, Elizabeth

This Beautiful World

Jackson, Kamichi

K My Name is Kendra

Jackson, R.K.

The Girl in the Maze

Jacobson, Yotam

Thin Air

Jaeger, Peggy

Dearly Beloved

James, Hadena

Elysium Dreams

James, Linda

Seachange @ Work

James, Russell

Blood Red Roses

Janerka, Maxine

In The Snows of Haz

Janz, Jonathan

Exorcist Road

Jarvis, Melissa

Time on her Hands

Jeffrey, Shaun

Dead Man’s Eye

Jeffries, Benjamin S.


Jenkins, Carla

Expand Your Personal Brand

Jensen, Steven

The Poison of a Smile

Jenvieve, Jessika

The University Cat

Joce, Pat

Post Traumatic De-Stress

Johnson, Becky


Johnson, Christine

Nocturne (Claire de Lune #2)

Johnson, Elana


Johnson, Mark

Reawakening (Passage of Hellsfire #3)

Johnson, Sharon

Erasing All Doubt (Doubt Series #0.5)

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (Doubt Series #1)

Where Doubt Remains (Doubt Series #2)

Johnson, Sheila

The Bad Nurse

Jones, Carrie


Jones, Rachel

To Dance One More Day

Jonez, Kate

Ceremony of Flies

Jordan, Alan H.

The Monster on Top of the Bed