Book Review: Misunderstandings by Angel Rothamel

Misunderstandings by Angel RothamelTitle: Misunderstandings

Author: Angel Rothamel

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

Purchase: Amazon

Review copy provided by Enchanted Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

What would you do if you got a call informing you that the family as you knew it, was a lie.
Dan Brock, retired SEAL turned mechanic in small town Cedar, Colorado, gets a call that changes his life. Dealing with the family he never knew about, Dan takes his frustrations out on the man, that because of his good looks, Dan refuses to have anything to do with. Dallas Bainbridge’s primary job is flying Dan’s former CO from place to place. Getting a request to fly Dan to his father’s funeral, Dallas tries to keep to himself, not knowing why Dan doesn’t like him. Can the two men get past their differences, or will a simple misunderstanding keep them apart?

I enjoyed reading this book. As the title suggests, it’s definitely about Misunderstandings! Dan and Dallas, our two main characters, start off on the wrong foot, and have to work hard to meet common ground. They feel an instanct attraction to each other, but are afraid to act upon it. Meanwhile, Dan is working out some personal issues in his life. He just reunited with a family he never knew he had, one of his new siblings is plotting against him, and he inherited money from a father he thought died years ago.

The writing was pretty decent. The author didn’t dwell on descriptions and instead, focused on making the plot go forward. The relationship between Dan and Dallas got a bad start, but I didn’t mind. I actually like books that don’t offer insta-love, and this one definitely didn’t. The background story was good as well, about Dan and his newfound family. The characters were well-developed, especially Dan and Dallas.

If you’re a fan of the genre, this is a solid choice.

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About Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings by Angel RothamelTitle: Misunderstandings

Author: Angel Rothamel

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

What would you do if you got a call informing you that the family as you knew it, was a lie.

Dan Brock, retired SEAL turned mechanic in small town Cedar, Colorado, gets a call that changes his life. Dealing with the family he never knew about, Dan takes his frustrations out on the man, that because of his good looks, Dan refuses to have anything to do with.

Dallas Bainbridge’s primary job is flying Dan’s former CO from place to place. Getting a request to fly Dan to his father’s funeral, Dallas tries to keep to himself, not knowing why Dan doesn’t like him. Can the two men get past their differences, or will a simple misunderstanding keep them apart?

Author Bio

Growing up in Washington State then moving to Texas then Missouri, before going on a life changing move to Perth, Australia, Angel has used experiences in her life to encourage her writings. She began writing when she was in 6th grade and always loved to tell tales of drama and intrigue. She insists on a happily ever after, at least for now, but she also says that ‘the more drama they have to overcome the better. I like real stories, stories that take you on the gambit of emotions.’ She loves hearing that her readers laughed, cried, and even went so far as to want to smack the characters and ask… WTF!

She currently lives in Southeast Texas with her two dogs, a beagle Daisy and Chihuahua Bonita, along with her good friend Chris.

You can usually find her in front of her computer, typing away on her latest book, or on the phone with her best friend plotting out what will happen in one of their joint projects.

You can find her at:


Book Review: Born of Greed by J.T. Baroni

couple heterosexual topless with jeans detail studio shotTitle: Born of Greed
Author: J.T. Baroni
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon, Secret Cravings Publishing
Review copy provided by Enchanted Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Jack Trotter and Amber Fontana enjoy a platonic relationship; that is until one fateful evening when they dine at Jimmie’s Crab Shack, a tiny bistro lying in seclusion off the coastal highway outside of Santa Monica. An out of the way place, Jimmie’s legendary seafood is as notorious as the movie stars and gangsters who have wined and dined here since the Roaring Twenties. It is here, in the aura of secrecy where clandestine meetings amongst lovers; deceitful schemes; and revenge riddled plots, have abounded for decades, where Amber reveals her intimacy problem, and Trotter finds courage to reveal his own disturbing dilemma.

Together, Jack and Amber overcome their sexual inhibitions and learn how to love. Then the two lovers mastermind a plan to take what they feel is rightfully Amber’s…forty million dollars from her greedy twin sister who became a sensational singing diva due mainly to Amber’s writing her twin’s hit songs, for little pay and no recognition.

Born of Greed is a fascinating epic fictional biography where greed, love, and revenge collide with sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Born of Greed starts out a little awkward, but luckily it picks up from there and really evolves into a beautiful story. Main character Jack Trottor is a fitness-enthusiast who’s more than a little obsessed with his own good looks, and who in general, isn’t the nicest person to be around. He’s full of himself, is continuously going on about how great he looks, and he’s basically using that to cover up for his own insecurities. What I thought was awkward in the first chapter, was how the POV switched from Jack to his fifty-something female neighbor who watches Jack walk by her window and masturbates at a fantasy involving him. It was odd, because she only appears a few times in the book, doesn’t play much of a role, and it’s kind of useless to switch from Jack’s POV to hers. Either way, as soon as the POV focused on Jack, and stayed there, the story started progressing.

I liked Amber a great deal more than I liked Jack. She’s less self-obsessed than he is, and she’s suffered a lot while growing up. Jack and Amber are involved in a scheme to get money from Amber’s extremely rich twin sister who made forty million singing songs Amber wrote. This may seem like a plot that’s been done a thousand times before, but author J.T. Baroni adds an original twist to it, making the plot sound new and refreshing. Jack and Amber’s relationship is platonic at first, but there’s always an underlying current of possible desire. When they open up to each other, it’s like the wall they’ve build around themselves explodes, revealing their true selves. I’ve read my fair share of contemporary romance novels where the hero and heroine jump in bed with each other five minutes after meeting and thankfully it wasn’t the case here. Insta-love is my worst pet peeve, and I always cross my fingers when reading adult romance novels that it won’t be the case, and it isn’t here. Instead, their relationship develops a lot slower as both of them learn how to love for the first time in their lives.

The book is well-written, and the author definitely has the writing part down. If he’d stayed with the main character’s POV a bit more, instead of focusing on other, less important POVs, every now and then, then I think the book would’ve been even stronger.

A good choice for fans of contemporary romance.

Book Review: A Witch at Midnight by Cindy Keen Reynders

smaller witch at midnightTitle: A Witch at Midnight (Wysteria Hedge Haven Clan #2)
Author: Cindy Keen Reynders
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon, Goodreads, B&N
Review copy provided by Enchanted Book Promotions in exchange for honest review.

Spirited away by a demon on the eve of her wedding, Cassie Rose, high witch of the Wysteria Hedge Haven Clan, finds herself trapped in the dark Underworld realm of Hades. Determined to return to Wysteria and her husband-to-be, the powerful warlock Viceroy of Oregon, she manages to escape.

While running for her life, she encounters Nik Zaros, a man so handsome she swears he would put a Greek statue to shame. Strapped to a plow being pulled by the mighty Marathonian Bull, Nik has been tortured and is near death. Cassie’s heart goes out to him, and she feels compelled to take him along with her.

Upon recovering, Nik is immediately attracted to the charming sorceress. Though she stirs his blood, he can’t help but suspect her of being in league with the demon, Prince Drakon. He soon discovers Cassie wishes to be free from the demon’s control, just as he does, and only love’s magic can save them.

Demons? Check. Witches? Check. The Underworld? Check. Hot, sizzling romance? Check.

Cassie Rose has six sisters, and together they form the Wysteria Hedge Haven Clan. On the eve of her wedding, Cassie gets kidnapped by a demon and transported to the Underworld. The demon, who’s called Prince Drakon, makes a habit of kidnapping white witches and locking them in mirrors where they’re forced to stay for all eternity. The Underworld is a replica of Hades’ hell of Greek mythology, with a prison called Mount Tartarus Prison. Cassie enchants a broom to fly her out of the mirror-prison and narrowly manages to escape the demon’s clutches. But her journey through hell hasn’t finished yet. Fleeing for her life, she runs into Nik Zaros, another person to be tormented by Prince Drakon. Cassie frees Nik and together they try to escape from the Underworld.

What I liked most about this book were the quirky little sentences Cassie uses every now and then that remind me she’s a witch and not a regular person, like ‘blazing witch balls’ or ‘Holy mother of Lilith’. I liked this, it added to Cassie’s personality. Apart from that, it took a while – a good twenty pages – before we began to see glimpses of Cassie’s personality. I actually didn’t mind because the book starts out with some intense scenes, like Cassie being kidnapped, then her escape from Prince Drakon. It’s only when the action calms down a little that Cassie’s personality comes forth. She’s an interesting person, a little stubborn but definitely very brave.

The world Cindy Keen Reynders created in this book is very rich and detailed. She mixes Greek mythology with the familiar things we know about witches, warlocks, demons and the likes. She has a vivid imagination and shows us just that while we follow Cassie on her journey through the underworld. I liked how some things were new yet familiar – always kept me on the edge of the toes.

Nik is a great character as well, although I would’ve liked him to be a bit more trusting of Cassie. He was a bit paranoid about her being in league with the demon, and while I understand why, paranoia isn’t the greatest personality trait.

And then there’s Cleo, who is…wait for it…a baby broom. Hah. I loved that. Cleo was so delightfully funny and innocent, and made some much-needed humorous comments to lift the tension every now and then.

I enjoyed A Witch at Midnight, and I’d recommend it to fans of paranormal romance. The book is well-written, it has an interesting main character and it has a baby broom. If a baby broom doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

Book Review: Call from Within by Eri Nelson

2905608_CoverTitle: Call from Within

Author: Eri Nelson

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Erotic Romance

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 3 stars

Purchase: Goodreads, Amazon (Paperback) and Amazon (Kindle)

Dearhart Clan are a series of fast paced adult books that dabble in the world of paranormal and remain in the erotic pulse of what can only be classified as a primal fantasy. If it’s a typical romance you’re looking for you won’t find it in this series.

Eri Nelson writes in a darker world where heat and need are the forefront for a slipping existence. There is not time for all the tenderness love deserves but if you’re imprinted to another you are far beyond those mortal requirements.

Our author is driven by swift action packed intrigues that often leave you wanting more. As she writes each new book into the series the number of pages might increase but the action never lets you feel the increasing distance to the final page.

Call from Within is an erotic paranormal romance story about Owen Dearhart, the leader of a dying werewolf clan. He stumbles upon Kristin, a girl who he’s certain will become a werewolf. He falls for her, and realizes right away that she’s destined to be his mate. But Kristin, still a human, is not convinced that this strange man who saved her from an attack by her ex-boyfriend is who he claims he is. And while she feels an undeniable attraction toward him, she keeps on fighting it, driving him away.

This story is fast. Usually, fast is a good thing, but here things happen so fast that it’s actually pretty distracting. Owen falls for Kristin within the first few pages. I’m not a huge fan of insta-love, but at least it got the plot along. However it’s not just the love-part that happened instantly here, it’s almost everything. The book feels rushed. Details are forgotten and overlooked, and we don’t get a lot of explanation about why certain things happen. I get this is a novella – they tend to get to the point quicker – but I was left with more questions than answers here.

The book is erotic romance, and it certainly gets that aspect right. Even if the story and plot are mediocre, the romance scenes are definitely hot and steamy. If you’re in the mood for a quick, hot read, try this one.

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About Succubus Rising

cover600Title: Succubus Rising
Author: B.R. Kingsolver
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Book 3 of the Telepathic Clans Saga, Succubus Rising
The Goddess has plans for Brenna and Rebecca, and the Goddess has a wicked sense of humor.
Rebecca Healy is a true wilder, growing up with no contact or knowledge of other telepaths. Discovered by a Clan member on the streets of San Francisco, she felt like she’d hit the jackpot. Finally, she knew what she was, or at least she thought she did.
When Brenna O’Donnell, long-lost heir of the O’Donnell Clan, and the strongest telepath in history, is returned to her family, she and Rebecca form a tight bond. Brenna has it all, looks, money, power, and men falling all over her.
Rebecca isn’t jealous, but it would be nice to find someone who would really love her and stick around in the morning. She’s intrigued by a handsome South American general, but of course, he has his sights set on Brenna. Carlos de Vargas wants more than love. His Clan has its back to the wall, and they hope for an alliance with O’Donnell. An alliance that would lead to war.
The story began in The Succubus Gift and continued in Succubus Unleashed. In Succubus Rising, questions are answered and new mysteries are revealed.

Author Bio

BRK AvatarI made silver and turquoise jewelry for almost a decade, ended up in nursing school, then took a master’s in business. Along the way I worked in construction, as a newspaper editor, a teacher, and somehow found a career working with computers.
I love the outdoors, especially the Rocky Mountains. I’ve skied since high school and I’ve hiked and camped all my life. I love to travel, though I haven’t done enough of it. I’ve seen a lot of Russia and Mexico, not enough of England. Amsterdam is amazing, and the Romanian Alps are breathtaking. Lake Tahoe is a favorite, and someday I’d like to see Banff in Canada.
I have a very significant other, two cats and two Basset Hounds. I’m currently living in Baltimore, nine blocks from the harbor, but still own a home in New Mexico that I see too infrequently.

Book Review: Mark of The Witch (Boston Witches #1) by Jessica Gibson

Cover_Shot CropTitle: Mark of the Witch (Boston Witches #1)
Author: Jessica Gibson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 3 stars

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Magic flows through Jillian Proctor’s veins as surely as blood, but so far her life outside Boston has been peaceful. William Morgan blows into Jilly’s life like a hurricane, unleashing her magic and sending her out of control. Unknowingly, William brings an enemy who only wants to posses the power of the witch. Jilly must learn to harness her magic before she loses it – and everything in her life is destroyed.

Jilly and Caroline are both witches. They’re also sisters, which instantly reminded me of Charmed. The book stays quite truthful to the way Charmed handles witches as well. Jilly makes potions using a cauldron, for example. Whereas Jilly fully accepts her powers and witch-status, Caroline resents her powers and wishes she were normal. This has caused a divide between both sisters, and they’ve grown apart. When their mother dies and Caroline moves halfway across the country, their relationship nearly vanishes completely.

Then the book takes a jump in time. Caroline and Jilly are now adults, and whereas Jilly is still very much in sync with who she is and her powers, Caroline is struggling. Her marriage is falling apart, and desperate for a new scene, she returns home to reconcile with Jilly. Meanwhile Jilly’s life is a lot more upbeat, but she hasn’t found someone to love yet, until William comes along. He’s everything a girl can look for in a man, a true prince charming, a sweet, gentle man.

The downside is that as soon as Jilly meets William, she gets terrifying dreams and visions about the past and about evil creatures called Amaranthines, who much resemble vampires. They get to live forever, and while they don’t have to feed on blood, immortality does to them what it does to all supernatural creatures: make them evil and emotionless. It’s possible for amaranthines to keep their humanity, but it’s rare. The amaranthine who has now set her eyes on Jilly, Sabine, is a powerful immortal who can reach Jilly through her dreams, and turn her life into a living hell.

I liked the plot. It reminded me a lot of Charmed, but the amaranthines made everything more special. They’re unique and original. However, my main problems with this book were a) the characters and b) the pacing. The story started at Caroline and Jilly’s 13th birthday when they got their powers, then jumped in time. I was all right with that, but the next few chapters/pages keep on going at this incredible speed, and it’s hard to catch up. Then when the pacing finally settles down and the real story begins, it’s still not hundred percent right. Now and then, I felt like the chapters weren’t fleshed out enough, and if they were, it was in the wrong places. It wasn’t constant, just now and then, that I felt a certain scene or event demanded more attention, and other, more boring scenes, dragged on.

The characters were also a bit too cut and clean. It’s easy to see who’s the bad guys and who is the good guys. I prefer my villains in shades of grey, here it’s a completely black/white story.

Overall, not too bad. I actually enjoyed reading it, and I thought the plot had great potential. If it weren’t for the pacing issues, this book would’ve gotten a higher rating. Hence why I mentioned the book could’ve used another editing round – a skilled editor would’ve caught the off-pacing.

Book Review: Shifty Business by Olivia Hardin

16955158Title: Shifty Business (Bend-Bite-Shift Trilogy #3)
Author: Olivia Hardin
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by Enchanted Book Promotions.

Gerry Hinton thought she had the perfect career as an operative for the Company. Her next assignment should have been another “mission accomplished”, but hell was delivering hand baskets that day.

When a little girl gives a mysterious silver box to Gerry, her world self-destructs. Suddenly under constant mental attacks, the only person who can save her is her partner, Nicky–but nothing comes without a cost. Secrets buried deep in the past begin to rise, threatening everything she holds dear.

My overall rating for this book is a four. I thought it had great potential, and it was intriguing and interesting, but not enough to classify it as one of my favorite books ever. However, I don’t often give out higher ratings, so you definitely shouldn’t feel put off that this is a four instead of a five. It’s actually quite a good book, with a consistent, fast plot and memorable characters with distinct personalities. Maybe I would’ve liked it even more if I’d read the two previous installments in the series, but I liked it well enough without reading those. The story took a while to make sense, and I didn’t know all characters mentioned at first, but once I got past the first fifty-or-so pages I started to really enjoy this novel.

Main character Gerry is a shapeshifting witch, which in itself, is pretty awesome. I like it when authors mix and clash paranormal creatures and come up with interesting combinations. Her boyfriend Nicky is a half-vampire, which isn’t that creative, but works for the plot. As in most paranormal romance books, half-vampires are the lowest of the lowest on the paranormal social ladder, so for a while Nicky and Gerry kept their relationship a secret. But secrets have a way of catching up with you, and both of them will have to face the past sooner or later. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot. Gerry gets a mysterious silver box from a young girl while working for the Company, and she slips into a coma. Nicky has to find a way to bring her back, which leads to the uncovering of quite a few secrets of the past.

The book had a healthy mix of action and slower scenes. There were a lot of love-making scenes as well, and generally they were well-written. I loved how both main characters had their own quircks, and their interactions bordered from romantic and hot to sarcastic and teasing, and I liked that. Their relationship was dynamic and evolving, and it felt like an actual, real relationship. The secrets Nicky discovers while Gerry is a coma though, might put an end to all this, which ups the stakes. I started cheering for the two of them early on, and my heart rate went up the more secrets were revealed and the more their relationship was in peril.

I have to add that I love the titles of these books. The first book is called “Witch Way Bends”, which is such a clever word game! The second book is called “Bitten Shame”, and the third, of course, “Shifty Business”. I like how all titles sound together, and how they fit into the Bend-Bite-Shift trilogy.

That aside, as I said, I liked the plot and characters. The writing was good, but it could’ve used some polishing. I’m not sure if the book had an editor and/or proofreader, but it could’ve used a last read-over before being published. I know it’s hard to catch all mistakes, but there were some run-on sentences and awkward word choices that caught my attention. All in all though, the book was still great and a pleasure to read. A nice read for fans of paranormal romance who are looking for some new twists in familiar concepts.

Book Review: Shadow of Time by Jen Minkman

16166400Title: Shadow of Time

Author: Jen Minkman

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Age Group: Adult (18+)

Rating: 4 stars

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

All Hannah needs is a nice and quiet vacation after her first year of teaching French at a high school. She joins her brother Ben for the summer in their mom’s log cabin in Arizona. There, she meets Josh again, Ben’s childhood friend from the Navajo reservation. The little boy from the rez has grown up fast, and Hannah can’t help but feeling more for him than just friendship.

But fate apparently has something else in store for her. And it’s not peace and quiet. Night after night, Hannah is plagued by strange nightmares about the past of Navajo Nation and terrifying shadows chasing her. They seem to come closer – and why is Josh always present in her dreams?

Sometimes, the past has a way of catching up with you.

As an avid reader of paranormal romance, I sometimes think I’ve seen it all. I’ve read numerous books on angels, demons, shapeshifters, vampires, and the rest of them. Even if the plot is original, it’s always the same paranormal creatures making an appearance.

Then, every once in a while, something else comes up. Something unique and original, and about ten times as enjoyable as the generic paranormal romance books. Shadow of Time is one of these unique books with an original concept that tries something completely different, and, in this case, succeeds.

Hannah is twenty-three years old. After working a stressy job for a year, she’s ready to retire for the summer to her mom’s log cabin in Arizona. She spent most of her childhood there, communicating with the Najavo community nearby, and hanging out with her little brother Ben and his best friend Josh. But when she comes back this time around, she realizes Josh has turned into an adult, and a handsome one at that. She doesn’t recognize him at first, but he sure does recognize her. Unfortunately growing up isn’t the only thing that happened to Josh. He’s changed, and his mood vary from light and humorous to dark and unpredictable in a matter of moments. Hannah’s best friend Emily warns her that something happened to Josh when he made the spiritual journey from youth to adulthood, and that has changed him.

Even though Josh gives mixed hot and cold gestures, Hannah finds herself falling for him. But then, she starts having creepy nightmares featuring Josh, in a setting several hundred years ago. She wonders what it all means, and if somehow her nightmares could be real. Then a terrifying treat finds Hannah in the supposedly secure village, and she realizes she may be in more trouble than she thought possible.

I liked Hannah. As far as protagonists go, she was a pretty decent one. With paranormal romance, you either get the whiny, can’t-do-anything-herself damsel in distress (think Bella Swan) or the kick-ass feminist heroine who needs no help from anyone (think Xena, Warrior Princess). But Hannah holds the middle between those. She’s certainly not a brave, demon-slaying hero, but she’s not a scared chicken either. She actually felt like a regular human being, who found herself in a situation she had no control over and that was so strange she could barely comprehend it. So, at first glance I liked her. There were some moments when I wanted to strangle her because she was a bit stubborn to realize the truth, even if it was standing right in front of her, but I could easily forgive her for that. We all have those moments, I guess. In retrospect, it made her seem more like a regular human and less like a book character that she had these kind of flaws.

Josh was all right as well. He was Mr. Mysterious all right, especially in the beginning, but the mystery is what kept me on the edge of my seat, so I can’t complain about that. I wanted to find out what was happening to him, and why he went from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde on several occassions. His personality was well-developed, and there were no inconsistencies in his personality, which is quite a feat to write when your character suffers from hot and cold syndrom.

But my favorite character is, hands down, Ben. We don’t often see supportive siblings who love each other and want to help each other in literature, and I was glad to see Ben belonged to this rare category. I simply loved his interactions, both with his sister Hannah and his best friend Josh. He’s the kind of person I wouldn’t mind being friends with.

The romance was great. Mainly because it didn’t just happen within the first fifty-so pages. There was an actual build up, plus it’s not like Josh and Hannah didn’t know each other before they fell in love. They had a long history, and that’s my favorite kind of romance. There was actual depth and feeling there. And there was awkwardness, and not knowing how to behave, and all those typical things you get when you first fall in love.

But the true strength of this work, in my opinion, is the story. It focuses heavily on Navajo culture, and it’s obvious the author did a lot of research before she started this book. She gives the reader a lot of details about Navajo rituals, spells and traditions. Sometimes I feel too much explanation slows the story down, but that wasn’t the case here. If anything, it added to the story. I liked the “bad guys”, skinwalkers, mentioned in this book. They were actually pretty creepy, which is saying a lot, coming from someone who devours creepy stories on a daily base. I loved the lore behind them as well, and they’re origin in Navajo culture.

The plot itself started out slow, but then build up as the story progressed. I had trouble getting into the story at first, but after fifty-something pages, I was hooked. My only let down is the ending, which felt a bit rushed. I liked it, but it felt like the author wanted to tie everything together a bit too fast.

I would recommend this novel to everyone who enjoys paranormal romance and is looking for something different. With a solid story, enjoyable characters and a detailed look on Navajo culture, Shadow of Time is a great read.

Book Review: Destiny’s Mark (The Guardians of Eden #3) by K.H. LeMoyne

5.5"X8.5" Post Card TemplateTitle: Destiny’s Mark (The Guardians of Eden #3)

Author: K.H. LeMoyne

Genre: Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

Age Group: Adult (18+)

Rating: 5 stars

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

The only difference between fate and destiny is choice.

Tsu Halan, Guardian defense master, has honed his skills and waited patiently over the centuries for the covenant’s promise of a mate to share his soul and a family to cherish. Close enough to taste fulfillment, the dark echoes of the past threaten with danger and death.

Jai Dashkov harbors her own painful secrets of harsh betrayal and tender loss. Her desperate search to reclaim her life doesn’t allow room in her heart to deviate for love.

Together they are stronger than apart, but the promise of the covenant is a perpetual test. One that Tsu and Jai must conquer in time or suffer an eternity for their failure.

GENRE: Adult Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance

A race of beings created in a Sanctum at the far edge of Eden. Co-existing with mankind, they safeguarded human souls and the promise of eternity—until a virus killed all over the age of eighteen. The surviving children fled to the Sanctum for protection, children raising children without the full legacy of their history and knowledge. Two hundred years of solitude have produced a race of semi-immortals fortified with powers and intellect but lacking the mates who will make them whole and allow them to fulfill their covenant with mankind.

I’ve reviewed a few of K.H. LeMoyne’s books before, and enjoyed reading them every single time. K.H. LeMoyne succeeds to bring something new to the table in every book. It’s obvious, in Destiny’s Mark that once again, she’s done her research and has come up with an unique, original story that kept me on the edge of my seat. She doesn’t deliver sloppy work: what you get is a strong, detailed, realistic setting with three-dimensional characters with their own sets of flaws and insecurities, exciting lore and background story, a fast pace, and excellent writing skills. I doubt these features were even more prominent in this book than in the previous ones in the series.

There are two main characters this time around. The first is Jai, who didn’t have a happy childhood so far. She got pregnant while she was still a teenager and her father, against her wishes, sold her baby. Now she’s trying to find her daughter, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. The private investigator she wants to hire costs heaps of money, and even though she’s worked hard for years to earn that money, it still may not be enough. Then on her way to work she gets mugged, all her money stolen, her dreams of finding her daughter shatterd. She’s saved by Tsu and his sister Quan.

Tsu is a Guardian. That means that he’ll only find one soulmate during his lifetime, and if he has children with said soulmate, they’ll become future Guardians, fulfilling an ancient prophecy. He’s waited for centuries to find that perfect mate, meanwhile perfecting his skills. But it’s beginning to wear on him: he longs for someone to love and cherish, and for a family of his own. From the moment he meets Jai, he knows she’s destined to be with him. But he also knows that Jai is reluctant to accept other people’s help, and it may not be easy for him to find a way into her heart.

Quan wants to open a refuge house for abused women, and she hires Jai to help her, thus allowing Tsu and Jai to grow closer, and discover their feelings for each other.

The settting is China, Hong Kong mostly. And I loved it. Why? Because it doesn’t happen very often I get to read a book taking place in China. And it’s obvious the author has done her research, from the typical names to the work ethics to the way Chinese society differs from Western societies. Even though the book is fantasy, it had a contemporary setting that made me feel like I was standing right in the middle of Hong Kong at times. The fantasy part of the book was really well-done too. I like the lore behind the Guardians, and I was glad to discover even more about them in this installment.

I loved Jai’s personality and how she developed into a stronger character as the book progressed. I also liked how she was unwilling to give up the search for her daughter, no matter what happend. She was my favorite character, even though I liked Tsu a lot as well. He didn’t have an overly dominant personality, like we sometimes see with ‘alpha males’ in adult romance novels, and it was refreshing for once. He didn’t try to tell Jai what to do every other page. He wasn’t your typical hero, but he made a great hero nonetheless.

I would recommend this book to all fans of original, unique adult urban fantasy / paranormal romance. It’s a great, thrilling read with a heartwarming romantic story at its core.