Book Excerpt Sweet Sacrifice

Former Navy SEAL Sebastian “Bash” Lockard died in Afghanistan after leaping on a grenade to save his comrades. Little did he know his act of heroism would grant him a ticket into Heaven’s elite army as one of the few and powerful Archangels. Struggling with his new existence, Bash still retains his human memories, leaving […]

Blog Tour: Book Excerpt Still Black Remains

Book Excerpt Valentine is in the room, his hands tied behind his back, with duct tape across his mouth and the hood probably still covering his face.  He has been that way for hours and nobody cares about him.  What only matters is that he is alive; they have to do something with him to […]

Book Excerpt Jorie & The Magic Stones

Jorie and the Magic Stones is the first book in a new chapter book series, by A. H. Richardson, that follows one heroic nine-year-old girl on an unforgettable adventure. Children everywhere are loving this adventurous tale of Jorie and Rufus, two orphans from very different walks of life, who meet by chance and discover a […]

Promo Post Destroy Me

DESTROY ME by Shana Vanterpool, Book 1 in the Crystal Gulf Series PUBLISHER: Swoon Romance Publication: March 8, 2016 Ages: New Adult/18+ Category: Contemporary Military Romance Bach lives his life with honesty and without restraints, happy to be known as a  sexy as all hell, unapologetic asshole. When he drinks, he drinks hard. When he […]

Book Tours: Book Excerpt from The Ganthoran Gambit

I’m hosting an excerpt from space opera “The Ganthoran Gambit”. I hope you enjoy the excerpt! Book Excerpt Discipline averts disasters, Billy Caudwell, or, rather, the part of his mind that was the long-dead Garmaurian First Admiral; Teg Skarral Portan, knew. The south wall was on the point of collapse, and Billy knew that if […]

Book Tours: Book Excerpt from “Feel The Burn”

Today I’m hosting an excerpt from the final installment in the BirthRight Trilogy: “Feel The Burn”. I previously hosted an excerpt from book two, and reviewed the first book. I hope you enjoy this snippet! And by the way, you can get “The Arrival” for FREE, so why not check it out? Book Excerpt I […]