Book Excerpt Freaksville

Book Excerpt “I thought it was obvious.” I slowly run my fingers through his hair, letting my other hand trail down his chest to his stomach. Stopping right at the waistband of his pants, making his eyes glaze over. Seeing this reaction I can’t stop myself from kissing his neck. Once, twice…nibbling on his earlobe, […]

Book Tours: Book Excerpt from Summer Fire

I’m hosting an excerpt today from contemporary romance collection “Summer Fire”. This excerpt comes from “Summer Rhythm”, and is chapter one. Book Excerpt Intending to head for the bar, Chloe got lost in a daydream when she stepped through the door. A familiar song caught her attention. Glancing up, her gaze locked on her biggest […]

Book Excerpt from New York Dolls

Book Excerpt I took Josie’s hand so as not to lose her to another bouncer this time. We made it onto the dance floor, weaving through the bumpers and grinders getting low, low, low. I spotted the doorway opening to the patio, finally, up ahead past the edge of the dance floor and to the […]

Book Excerpt and Giveaway for Blood Orchid

“So what do you intend to do?” Hugh asked Emily as he sank into the soft cushioned chair with a sigh of gratitude. They had returned to Emily’s current home and were sitting in comfort within a large parlour. “Now you’ve openly declared your colours.” A quiet servant brought over a tray of drinks and […]

Book Tours: Book Excerpt from Link

Link, by D.A. Karr, is a sci-fi mystery thriller. It is set in the year 2800, in a future apocalyptic world where time jumping becomes a means to control the human race. “Link is suspenseful, intriguing, and action filled,” says D. A. Karr. “Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler fans will enjoy reading this book.” Book Excerpt Suddenly, […]

Book Spotlight and Giveaway The Alliance

Book Excerpt Chapter 1: The Alliance Our enemy has been defeated and I am eager to return home. It has been three months since I have heard from Wallace and I hope he still wants to marry me when I arrive. I know he was scared about his fiancée heading to war, but once he sees my face I […]

Book Excerpt from The Franciscan

Book Excerpt NEARLY A WEEK HAD PASSED since Symon’s discovery, and he had read the translated manuscripts numerous times.  He consumed the written words as a dying man gasps for breath.  The mystery surrounding the ancient narrative fueled his imagination and stimulated his craving to know more.  While he sat by the opening of the […]

Book Tours: Book Excerpt from Beautiful Curse

Today I’m hosting an excerpt from YA paranormal “Beautiful Curse”. Enjoy! Book Excerpt “Please call me Ross. I hope that we’ll be friends.”             I paused, considering. Everything had been so dreamlike, so magical, since coming to the palace, that I had almost set aside the initial fears that had plagued me when Mr. Merk […]

Book Tours: Book Excerpt from Blood Bewitched

Book Excerpt One look into Ascher’s eyes and Shauna’s simmering blood cooled. She was lost. So grateful to have him in her life. Immersed in a deep, blue ocean and awash in the depth of love she felt for this man she was so proud to call her own. With everything going wrong in their […]

Release Day Party Christmas is Murder

Woohoo! We’re celebrating the release today for cozy mystery “Christmas is Murder”. The book is now available from all online retailers. Happy release day! Book Excerpt “Winter Wonderland” The snow was coming down as if it were a Hollywood movie set. The flakes were large and falling steady, casting enchantment over the ever-forming winter wonderland. […]