Book Trailer Blitz Inside the Chinese Wine Industry

Book Trailer About the Book Title: Inside the Chinese Wine Industry Author: Loren Mayshark Genre: Nonfiction The wine business is one of the world’s most fascinating industries and China is considered the rising star. A hidden secret, the Chinese wine industry continues to grow at an amazing pace and is projected to soon enter the […]

Book Trailer Blitz Until Ray

Book Trailers About the Book Title: Until Ray Author: Cheryl Robinson Genre: Women’s Fiction Two people in the same city but worlds apart. Until Ray is an unconventional love story of how two young people transitioning into adulthood find each other and develop a bond that will be tested through three decades. HE IS LOST… […]

Book Trailer Blitz: Survivor of the Clan

Book Trailer About the Book Title: Survivor of the Clan Author: Jennifer Ott Genre: Thriller Scottish doll maker Shelby Locke loses everything in one instant. She watches helplessly as motorcyclists assassinate her husband and abduct her daughter. Nagging questions and even confounding reminiscences only exacerbate the problem, and her geneticist father is no help. In […]

Book Trailer Blitz 51 Love

Book Trailer About the Book Title: 51 Love Author: Jeremy T. Ringfield Genre: Romance A hot hopeless romantic who enrolls into college begins leaving love notes for a girl who works at the front desk of his student apartments. But what she doesn’t know is that her man candy had just been released from jail […]

Book Trailer Blitz The Soulmate Checklist

Book Trailer   About the Book Title: The Soulmate Checklist Author: Rani St. Pucchi Genre: Nonfiction, Romance RANI ST. PUCCHI delves into the meaning of Soul Mate relationships as she guides you on a quest for love that lasts a lifetime. Are images of the ideal relationship just fantasy, or do they have basis in […]

Book Trailer Blitz Your Body, Your Style

Book Trailer Book Excerpt Rani St. Pucchi teaches you simple tricks on how to dress your body in a way that will enhance your best assets and camouflage areas that you feel uncomfortable about or find lacking in any way. Elevate your self-confidence by defining your personal style and becoming clear on how you wish […]

Trailer Blitz The Law of Nature

Book Trailer About the Book Title: The Law of Nature Author: Evans Priligkos Genre: Thriller / Suspense Kirkus Review marked the book’s ending as ” Undeniably Memorable ”. Two men against Everyone. Only one night to succeed. Only one secret to reveal. Only one map to follow. Our Last Hope… Author Bio Evans Priligkos was […]

Trailer Blitz Out of Time

Book Trailer About the Book Title: Out of Time Author: Michelle Garren Flye Genre: Romantic Fantasy Tucked away in the mountains of North Carolina, the people of the strange little town of Sanctuary have enjoyed their status as a tourist attraction and Renaissance faire destination for decades. But on her twenty-sixth birthday, Kaelyn Anderson discovers […]