Book Review: Israel – Island of Success by Noga Kainan and Adam Reuter

Title: Israel – Island of Success
Author: Noga Kainan and Adam Reuter
Genre: Business & Economics, Non-Fiction
Rating: 3,5 stars
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Israel – What is it really all about?
What is the mechanism behind the incredible success of Israel? How can one small country in the turbulent of the Middle East, be such a success story?
An intriguing – best-selling book, combining first hand experiences and stories of many Israeli leading figures, OECD and UN findings as well as statistical figures and data.
A book that will reveal the truth about Israel’s success story!

  • #1 in Cyber Security
  • #1 in waste-water recycling
  • #1 in Nobel Prize winners per capita
  • #2 in the world level of innovation scale
  • #3 in the world level of education scale

A book that will shatter your axioms and answer your questions!

  • Is the Israeli economy really prosperous?
  • Does Israel have a shortage of water?
  • Is the cultural and economic boycott working?
  • Is the US security aid for Israel’s military expenses, bad for the American economy?

In Israel – Island of Success, the author duo explores the reasons why Israel is a successful, booming economy, and all that in a relatively short period of time. If you’ve ever wondered how that is even possible, then this book can certainly open your eyes.

For me, I enjoyed most of the book, but some parts went over my head – I’m not very well-versed in economics, or the military situation, and I sometimes struggled to understand all those parts, and they didn’t quite interest me as much as the rest of the book either. I much preferred the parts that spoke about business and science.

I also thought the title was quite clever: although Israel isn’t an island as such, it is an island in the sense that it stands alone, as an unique country in the Middle East.


Book Review Expand Your Personal Brand

Expand_Your_Personal_BrandTitle: Expand Your Personal Brand
Author: Carla Jenkins
Genre: Business, Nonfiction
Rating: 5 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by Enchanted Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

I have written this book because I want to save you, the reader, time, money and agony. I have learned these 20 lessons after 10 years of trial and error. The topics I cover are financial, personal branding, marketing and time management. I have started out with zero dollars in my pocket and have worked many 6-figure jobs due to these lessons. ‘ Expand Your Personal Brand!’ kills the learning curve by giving you realistic answers and timetables to solve your personal and professional branding problems. These 20 stories are real because I have lived them. I wish you, the reader, unlimited success.            – Carla Jenkins

In Expand Your Personal Brand, author Carla Jenkins writes down twenty lessons to help business owners, authors, bloggers, and anyone who wants to expand their personal brand to do just that. Topics range from finances to branding and even time management. The chapters are short but to the point, and it’s a fast read that provides a lot of useful information.

For me, the most interesting topics were the ones about meeting deadline through prioritization (I often struggle with meeting deadlines), avoiding scope creep, and the strategy tips for a personal brand.

Since one of my employers went out of business last month, I’ve been looking for ways to rebrand myself, and find new, similar employment, and I’ve used several strategies I found in this book to craft a new brand for myself, so the book holds a lot of practical value.