Cover Reveal Blitz Last Dance of the Roses

About the Book Title: Last Dance of the Roses Author: CS Patra Genre: Romance Rose Xu had two passions in her life. One was her boyfriend of many years, Blake Chen, a talented pianist and her constant support. The other was dance. She grew up dancing from a young age and vowed that she would […]

Cover Reveal Party Whereafter

About the Book Publication Date: March 15, 2016 Publisher: Mictlan Press Number of Pages: 345 Genre: Paranormal / Contemporary Fantasy Stuck on an island encircled by fire and hunted by shadows bent on trapping them there forever, Irene and Andras struggle to hold onto the last vestiges of their physical selves, without which they can […]

Cover Reveal Party Blackbird Summer

About the Book Title: Blackbird Summer Author: Em Shotwell Genre: Fantasy Romance When people hate the unknown, being Gifted is a curse. In the cornerstone of the rural south, Brooklyn, Mississippi, no one dares make eye contact with the strange Caibre family. Until the rewards are worth the cost. The townsfolk come, cash in hand, […]

Cover Reveal Party Rhythm and Blue

About the Book Title: Rhythm and Blue Author: DP Denman Genre: Contemporary Romance / Gay Romance What’s a little treachery among friends? Blue’s unexpected success earns him international recognition and costs more than he expected. When jealousy turns a trusted friend against him, Blue learns the price of fame and the precarious balance of ego […]

Cover Reveal Party Strained

About the Book Title: Strained Author: Marcia Colette Genre: Urban Fantasy Alexa is keeping a secret from her husband and being half werewolf isn’t it. After all, he’s a full-blood and doesn’t care that there are those who think their union is an abomination. Despite their abnormalities, the Yorks have settled into suburbia and gone […]

Cover Reveal Party Perfectly Planned

About the Book Title: Perfectly Planned Author: Linda O’Connor Genre: Romantic Comedy She’s got it all Perfectly Planned . . . Chloe Keay is on the hunt for the perfect sperm donor, but who knew it would be this hard? So many things to consider in a father – sure height and hair color are […]

Cover Reveal Party Pearls and Tools of Wisdom for Parents & Children

About the Book Title: Pearls and Tools of Wisdom for Parents & Children Author: Donna Gardner Genre: Children’s Book Do you want to raise a child that is WISE? As adults we are charged with protecting our most precious commodity… our children. The greatest protection we could offer them is to provide them with guidance […]

Cover Reveal Party Zaria Fierce and the Enchanted Drakeland Sword

About the Book: Title: Zaria Fierce and the Enchanted Drakeland Sword Release Date: November 6, 2015 (11/06/2015) Author: Keira Gillett Illustrator: Eoghan Kerrigan Narrator: Michele Carpenter Series: Zaria Fierce Trilogy, Book 2 Summary in a Nut-Shell: Zaria Fierce must undo the damage she and her friends caused when they accidentally aided Olaf in his quest […]

Cover Reveal Party Girl of Myth and Legend

About the Book Title: Girl of Myth and Legend Author: Giselle Simlett Genre: Fantasy / Romance A girl with a past she tries to forget, and a future she can’t even imagine. Leonie Woodville wants to live an unremarkable life. She wants routine, she wants repetition, she wants predictability. So when she explodes in a […]

Cover Reveal Party Inconceivable

About the Book Title: Inconceivable Author: Cherrie Mack Genre: Romance / Fantasy When Prince Charming comes looking for the woman who stole his heart at a Manhattan shoe store, he instead finds her stepsister, Allie. Allie doesn’t leave the best impression with the handsome Zach Brady, who quickly dismisses her as the maid. But an […]