Guest Post Ultimate Tips on How to Become a Ghost Writer

Ultimate Tips on How to Become a Ghost Writer

There are people with important stories to tell. Their lives have been more exciting than most of us can imagine. Others haven’t had such adventurous lives, but have great minds full of ideas. The entire world inspires them to tell stories. Sometimes, however, the capacity for telling stories doesn’t correspond with a person’s writing skills. In such case, these people turn to ghostwriters, who can give form to their thoughts and put them in writing.

You would think that the ghostwriter is not that fortunate in this situation, but you’d be wrong. Ghostwriters get to do what they love – they write! This activity enables them to gain experience, write great stories, and earn money without going through all struggles that their own publications would impose.

Are you interested in ghost writing? We have a great guide for you today. Read these tips and you’ll be on your way to becoming a ghost writer.

Reasons to Consider Ghostwriting

  • You Make Good Money

According to the info by the Editorial Freelancer’s Association, ghostwriters earn $50-$60 per hour. That’s more than what fiction writers earn (between $40 and $50 per hour).

  • You Get an Advance Payment

If you decide to publish your own book, you’ll need to be very patient before you get funds from royalties. If this is your first book and the readers don’t know you, it will take some heavy marketing, which requires additional investments. Ghostwriting gets you the money right away.

  • You Won’t Be Emotionally Involved

When you’re writing your own stories, it’s hard to edit the work. That’s not the case with ghostwriting. You’re less emotionally involved with the work. You’re able to be objective and avoid potential flaws.

  • No Need for Marketing

Your name won’t be on the cover. Yes, the editing will need marketing, but you’ll be done with your job by that point.

  • You Get to Practice Your Writing Skills

Ghostwriting puts you outside your comfort zone. Through this experience, you’ll explore different styles and you’ll have to be disciplined with the way you do your work. In a way, ghostwriting makes you a better writer. You’ll be ready to give life to your own stories after a job like this.

  • You Get to Explore Unusual Topics

If your client has a fascinating story to tell, you get to explore topics you wouldn’t usually think of. This can be a really inspiring experience for you.

Things to Consider Before Becoming a Ghostwriter

  • You Need Some Experience in Writing

Ghostwriting is not for beginners. People with amazing stories are looking for great writers for their projects. They will check their portfolios. A ghostwriter has to demonstrate great capacity to write in different styles and voices. You’ll need to have your samples ready.

  • You Need Info on Publishing, Too

The client will probably ask for publishing advice. They see you as part of that industry. You’ll need to provide some guidance to your client regarding the best way to get the book out there.

  • It’s Not about You

It’s about the client. You have to find the voice that would suit their style and story. It’s not about what you like and how you’d tell it. It’s their story; you’re just the medium that tells it.

  • You’ll Be Your Own Manager

As a ghostwriter, you’re the boss of your own business. That’s a good thing, but it also imposes responsibilities. You have to take care of the contract. You’re the one who makes sure you get paid. You’ll be sending invoices. You have to recognize the moment and act when the client starts making inappropriate requirements that are not based on the contract.

  • Time Management Skills Are a Must

The client will expect you to meet deadlines. They won’t accept procrastination. You need advanced organization and time management skills, especially if you’re working on multiple projects at a time.

How to Find Clients for Ghostwriting

  • Get an Agent

Yes; even a ghostwriter might need an agent. If you’re a beginner at this, it will be hard to enter the industry without someone to represent you. You can get in touch with an agent through services like Literary Market Place, Publishers Marketplace, and Association of Authors’ Representatives.

  • Don’t Limit Yourself to Books Only

It’s not easy for beginners to land book ghostwriting deals. It’s better to start small. Autobiographies are not the only thing you can ghostwrite. You can also work on articles, blog posts, or even social media posts. One of the easiest and most productive ways to try ghostwriting is to become part of an academic writing service like EssayOnTime, BestDissertation, or SuperiorPapers.

  • Connect with Clients through Self-Publishing Platforms

Many people are looking for ghostwriters to tell their stories. However, they don’t have a connection with major publishers, so they usually turn to self-publishing. A self-publishing platform can recommend you for such a project.

  • Showcase Your Experience

Before someone hires you for their project, they will want to see proof that you’re up for the challenge. Showcase some of your work (written under your name) on a blog. Get some samples ready for the potential client to check out. Work on additional skills, such as social media marketing, which can be useful for this job.

  • Make Yourself Noticed

A ghostwriter should not be a complete ghost. Of course, they will act like a ghost when working for a client. However, they should still exist in the online world. You need social media presence and a blog, so you can attract people who are looking for ghostwriters. When you connect with a potential client, they will want to check you out. Your online reputation will influence their decision.

Ghostwriting can be a really rewarding profession. It’s not easy to get into that market, but it’s possible if you have what it takes. The above-listed tips will help you start this journey.

           Joan Selby is a content marketer, former teacher and fancy shoelover. A writer by day and reader by night. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.