Guest Post by Mike Phillips

I’m hosting a guest post today by Mike Phillips, author of “The World Below”. He’ll talk about his experience as a writer, and then you can find out more about his latest novel. I’ll leave the word to Mike Phillips now. Guest Post: About the Author Hello everyone, and thank you for reading my guest […]

Guest Post by Carolyn Holland

I’m hosting a guest post today about extreme weather, fact or fiction, by Carolyn Holland. Carolyn is the author of “Seeds of Transition, Book one: The Genesis Project”. Extreme Weather; Fact or Fiction Our weather is changing. There aren’t many folks left in the world who will try to deny that. Some will still argue […]

Guest Post The Granite Key

I’m stepping aside today and offering a spot on my blog for N.S. Wikarski, the author of archaelogical thriller “The Granite Key”. TIPS FOR WRITING YE OLDE HISTORICAL FICTION “My God, they can’t expect to put ‘Ye Olde’ in front of anything they want and get away with it.” If, like me, you’re a fan […]

Guest Post Deadly To Love Book Tour

I’m hosting a guest blog post today for the “Deadly To Love” Tour. I loved reading the guest post and hope you enjoy it as well! Hitting Publish I don’t know whether it is the same for other self-publishing authors but for me, hitting publish on Amazon is one of the most nerve-wracking things in […]

"The Chick Flick Project" Book Tour: Guest Post

I’m hosting a guest post written by author Courtney Elliot today for “The Chick Flick Project” Book Tour. Courtney is touring with her romantic comedy novel, “The Chick Flick Project”. You can see the full tour schedule here. Why I started writing When I was probably about four or five years old, I decided to […]

Guest Post for The Rebel Princess Tour by Anne M. Strick

Today I’m putting a step back, to let author Anne M. Strick be a guest blogger on I Heart Reading. Anne M. Strick is the author of The Rebel Princess, a contemporary romance novel, but as the pictures below will show you, there’s more to her than that! Guest Post: What Shall I Write About? […]

Book Tour: Guest Post by Law Reigns

I’m hosting a guest post by Law Reigns, the author of Superheroes Wear Faded Denim, a new adult fantasy romance novel today. Law is going on tour with her book. You can find the full tour schedule here. Guest Post: Interview with Don Shimada Hello wonderful readers of I Heart Reading.  I am Audrey. Law […]

Guest Post: Lynda M. Martin

Lynda M. Martin Books: This Bird Flew Away | Read my Review Author Website | Goodreads What is real love? The whole world wants to know. They should ask Bria Jean, because she has it all figured out. Opinionated, stubborn and full of woe, Bria would tell you real love is having one person you […]