Release Blitz Love Song Standards Series

Unchained Melody ~ Book 1 Pamela Landers had it all, a senior partnership with a top law firm, expensive car, and a luxurious condo. What she desired most was a loving husband, children and a life filled with precious memories that would comfort her through her golden years. Funny how fate has a way of […]

Release Blitz The Earl’s Return

About the Book Title: The Earl’s Return Author: Callie Hutton Genre: Regency Romance London, 1819. Four years ago, Darius, the Earl of Redgrave fled London two weeks before his wedding to Lady Mary’s sister and married another woman. Now a widower, he has returned to seek a new wife.  One woman catches his eye  . […]

Release Blitz To Win a Viscount

About the Book Title: To Win a Viscount (Daughters of Amhurst #2) Author: Frances Fowlkes Genre: Historical Romance England, 1820. To gain a certain marquess’s notice, Lady Albina Beauchamp aims to win the derby. What she hadn’t planned for is the price handsome Mr. Edmund White asks in payment to train her to race: each […]

Release Blitz I Don’t Date in December

About the Book Title: I Don’t Date in December Author: Darcy Delaney Genre: Contemporary Romance Successful Sydney-based consultant Blaise Lee is on the cusp of securing a partnership and a coveted office with harbour views. But it comes at a price. It means she can’t date in December. Any time she tries, work interferes and […]

Release Blitz Raven’s Peak

About the Book Title: Raven’s Peak Author: Lincoln Cole Genre: Horror / Urban Fantasy A quiet little mountain town is hiding a big problem. When the townsfolk of Raven’s Peak start acting crazy, Abigail Dressler is called upon to discover the root of the evil affecting people. She uncovers a demonic threat unlike any she’s […]

Release Blitz A False Proposal

About the Book Title: A False Proposal Author: Pamela Mingle Genre: Regency Romance London 1812 War hero Adam Grey returns home with a burning ambition to run for Parliament. But he needs the support of the local baronet, who controls the seat. Adam’s plans are thwarted by his dissolute father, who has promised him to […]

Release Blitz A Dangerous Green

About the Book Title: A Dangerous Green Author: Stacy Hall Genre: Fantasy The Sanctioned Realm is being hijacked by a cruel and power-hungry king. King Zaranth isn’t like other Touched humans who can command animals, plant life, or the ancient elements. His Death Touched ability not only yields him virtually indestructible, but gives him power […]

Release Blitz Blossom and the Beast

Blossom and the Beast Author: RS McCoy A Beauty and the Beast Retelling Release Date: May 31, 2016 Blurb:  *A Paranormal Romance retelling of Beauty and the Beast* Blossom Frane is only weeks away from her transformation. On her eighteenth birthday, she’ll find out her future branch of society and her totem, the animal form […]

Release Blitz Accidentally Compromising the Duke

About the Book Title: Accidentally Compromising the Duke Author: Stacy Reid Genre: Historical Romance England, 1817. Miss Adeline Hays is out of options. Determined to escape marriage to a repugnant earl, Adeline plans to deliberately allow herself to be caught in a compromising position at a house party with the much kinder man she’d hoped […]

Release Day Blitz To Love a Libertine

About the Book Title: To Love a Libertine Author: Liana LeFey Genre: Historical Romance Both have secrets. Both have reputations. Both fear falling in love. London, 1727. When Miss Eden Lowther catches the eye of Lord Percival Falloure, Marquess of Tavistoke, she’s delighted, for his wicked lordship is anything but boring. The canny coquette who […]