Release Blitz Trapped

About the Book Title: Trapped Author: Alison Aimes Genre: Sci-Fi Romance Release Date: March 3rd 2016 Publisher: Indie Published Print Length: 239 pages Format: Paperback and Digital Print ISBN: 978-0-996-4683-1-2 Digital ISBN: 978-0-9964683-0-5 HIS PLANET. HIS RULES… Trapped by Alison Aimes is an action-packed, sexy sci-fi that takes you to the brink of oblivion on […]

Release Blitz Improbables

About the Book Title: Improbables Author: Jonathan Charles Bruce Genre: Paranormal Romance Abigail Wren’s new life fresh out of college is dull, even with her (almost) dream job at the local newspaper. The only real excitement she can get is found between the pages of an endless stream of paranormal romance novels she can’t help […]

Release Blitz Grim Fate

About the Book Title: Grim Fate (Grimly Ever After Series Book 2) Author: S.L. Bynum Genre: YA Paranormal Romance After achieving the impossible by saving her boyfriend, Shilah, from Death, Xia learned she is to become the next Angel of Death. Luckily she has years before she must accept her new position, so there’s still […]

Release Blitz Forever Tied

About the Book Title: Forever Tied Author: Amanda Kimberley Genre: Paranormal Romance Raine the Rom Borro of the Kersh Gypsy Witch clan and Skye his lover are being chased by the King of the Vlad Vampires because he blames the two of them for his lover’s death in The Were Rebellion. Alec and his twin […]

Release Blitz Counterfeit Conspiracies

About the Book Title: Counterfeit Conspiracies Author: Ritter Ames Genre: Mystery / Suspense Laurel Beacham may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she has long since lost it digging herself out of trouble. Her father gambled and womanized his way through the family fortune before skiing off an Alp, leaving […]

Release Blitz Naked Reverse

About the Book Title: Naked Reverse Author: Michael Boylan Genre: Literary Fiction / Adventure There’s a secret back door to the Ivory Tower. Follow college professor Andrew Viam through that secret passageway as he goes on an Odyssey into the real world full of love and violence. Will he survive? This is an open question. […]

Release Blitz The Improper Bride

About the Book Title: The Improper Bride Author: Lily Maxton Genre: Historical romance Cold, arrogant, and demanding Henry Eldridge, Marquess of Riverton, would never dally with a mere servant. But when Henry is injured in a horrible fire, his pretty housekeeper Cassandra nurses him back to health, throwing them together day and night. As he […]

Release Blitz Viscountess of Vice

About the Book Title: Viscountess of Vice Author: Jenny Holiday Genre: Historical Romance Secrets and lies, scandals and spies. All Lady Catharine, Viscountess Cranbrook, wants is a little excitement. Bored of playing the role of the ton’s favorite slightly scandalous widow, she jumps at the chance to go undercover as a courtesan to help with […]

Release Blitz Russell’s Revenge

About the Book Title: Russell’s Revenge Author: Dennis Fishel Genre: YA Humor, Adventure Fate has been messing up Dennis’s life for as long as he can remember. It was Fate that decided Russell Folmer—the biggest, ugliest, and meanest kid on earth—would live only two houses south of Dennis’s. Fate was also responsible for making Russell […]