Release Day Party Never Meant To Be

About the Book Title: Never Meant to Be Author: Yarro Rai Genre: Romantic Mystery Stella is journalist searching for a breakthrough story her wish is granted when she comes across two diaries written by two lovers (johnny and Esther). Stella is excited because Esther is the young Ceo and owner of several companies after her parents […]

Release Day Party The Uber Author Planner

About the Book Title: The Uber Author Planner Author: Hazel Butler Genre: Non-Fiction The Uber Author Planner is the ULTIMATE tool for Authors, Writers, and Bloggers. Created by an author, freelance writer, and blogger, this planner is specially designed to keep everything writing-related in one place, making you super organised and super productive. Far more […]

Release Day Party Jimmy’s Erotic Adventure in Time and Space Continuum

About the Book Title: Jimmy’s Erotic Adventure In Time And Space Continuum (Episode 1) Author: Perie Wolford Release date: 11/16/2015 Genre: Gay/SciFi/Romance/Erotica Length: 100 pages Synopsis: Jimmy the time-traveler, while trying to solve a time-riddle his late father left for him, gets accidentally flung back in time, to the year 1871, the days of the […]

Release Day Party Sexual Confessional

About the Book Title: Sexual Confessional: Confidential Admissions from Social Media Author: Nicole Delacroix Genre: Non-Fiction Humor / Essay Discovering secrets is titillating. Everyone wants to peek under the covers, be a fly on the bedroom wall, or read someone’s diary. The juicier the secret, the more people want to know it, and sex is […]

Release Day Party AbbeyLoo and Gus the Talking Toad

About the Book Title: AbbeyLoo and Gus The Talking Toad Author: Tammy Cortez Genre: Children’s Books AbbeyLoo is a curious little girl with a BIG imagination. This imagination takes AbbeyLoo to some very exciting and often unexpected places. AbbeyLoo loves exploring her backyard. There is always something new to see. Her favorite find is the […]

Release Day Party Pirate Princess

About the Book Title: Pirate Princess Author: Catherine Banks Genre: YA/NA Fantasy As the daughter of the Pirate King, Tilia Swanson has an unusual upbringing learning skills that aren’t often available for women. As the heir apparent for the Kingdom of Crilan, her skills set her apart as she is trained by the best in the […]

Release Day Party Solace

About the Book Title: Solace Author: Angela Smith Genre: Contemporary Romance Novella In the summer of 1969, when the first man has landed on the moon and the world is wrought with war, a small town in Texas finds their hope in an engagement between a bookstore owner and her loan officer, two individuals who […]

Release Day Party The Ivory Staff

About the Book Title: The Ivory Staff Author: M. Lachi Genre: New Adult Fantasy How was young Samiyah to know that her simple grace, wit, and beauty—exceptional traits given her peasant class—would land her in the middle of a chessboard of high-level political turmoil or that the love that blinds politics, the hate that blinds […]

Release Day Party Concrete Stilettos

About the Book Title: Concrete Stilettos Author: Mya Kay Genre: Urban Romance / YA Mya Kay’s Concrete Stilettos: A Love Story, is a fierce, urban romance that will leave the people in the pews and the parlor screaming for more. She’s as real as they come and as hard as they make them. And her […]

Release Day Party Become You

About the Book Title: Become You Author: Toneka R. Etienne, Ph.D. Genre: Self-Help, Personal Development Ready to create lasting transformation in your life? Become You reveals a practical lifestyle blueprint for the modern day woman. Begin your deep dive transformation by turning an honest, but loving mirror on your belief systems, habits, and spiritual life. […]