Release Day Party Defying the Alliance

About the Book Title: Defying the Alliance Author: Bobbi Ross Genre: Sci-Fi Romance One spitfire captain, one deliciously sexy alien warrior and one ship…to save the galaxy! When Captain Caspia Jones docked her beloved ship the Razor at the Deep Proteus space station, she had only two things in mind- make the trade and avoid […]

Release Day Party Letter from Hell

About the Book Title: Letter from Hell Author: M. Lee Mendelson Genre: Horror A simple, routine call to 911 unexpectedly erupts into a grisly suicide. Mike, a well-seasoned deputy is uncharacteristically disturbed by the gruesome scene. Who was this tortured soul, and why did this happen? Innocently, most of us accept our destiny. We assume […]

Release Day Party Fate’s Betrayal

About The Book Title: Fate’s Betrayal Author: Beth Ann Stifflemire Genre: Contemporary Romance Desire and despise. Two insanely contradicting emotions that the dark haired, well-built, irrefutably handsome musician Riley evokes in simple but attractive, fashion savvy, Austinite Brooke. Initially unequivocally turned-off by the brash but striking Riley she develops a fascination for his seductive charms […]

Release Day Party Rise of the Sidenah

About the Book Title: Rise of the Sidenah Author: C.M. Story Genre: YA Fantasy Adrienna Vedica longs to build the creatures living in her imagination. One day, she hopes to sculpt them out of stone, creating great statues like those that guard the Celany village. She doesn’t understand why everyone seems to disapprove. It’s only […]

Release Day Party Violence Begets…

On September 28, the audiobook and print versions of YA LGBT Fiction “Violence Begets…” releases! Get your copy today. About the Book Title: Violence Begets Author: PT Denys Genre: YA LGBT Fiction After a tragic accident devastates his family, 16-year-old Rick St. James starts his junior year of high school without any friends in a […]

Release Day Party Ms. Nice Nasty

About the Book Title: Ms. Nice Nasty: Cam’s Confession Author: LaKisha Johnson Genre: Romance What is it with secrets, sex, lies and did I mention sex? For Camille, she has had her fair share of them all. From A Secret Worth Keeping to Ms. Nice Nasty. What’s next? Yea, she has always proclaimed to be […]

Release Day Party Charmed in Paradise

About the Trilogy Title: Charmed in Paradise Author: Sara McBride Genre: Paranormal Romance She’s curvy, sexy, and magically irresistible. For the first time in her life, Tara is questioning her curves. Her fiancé left her for some skinny bitch, and her self-esteem has been torn apart. Only a trip to the tropical paradise island of […]

Release Day Party Rival Seduction

About the Book Title: Rival Seduction Author: Alexandrea Weis Genre: Erotic Romance Strong willed, independent, and competitive as hell, Heather Phillips isn’t going to let anyone beat her in the show ring … that is until Grant Crowley started taking away her blue ribbons. A wealthy cattle rancher with an attitude and taste for beautiful […]

Release Day Party RUN Ragged

About the Book Title: RUN Ragged Author: Kari Aguila Genre: Suspense / Science-Fiction / Women’s Fiction RUN Ragged is on in September! Visit RUN Ragged on Kickstarter here! Find RUN Ragged on KICKSTARTER this month! Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site where you get to choose which projects sound interesting to you. There are great […]

Release Day Party In Shadows Waiting

About The Book Title: In Shadows Waiting Author: Stewart Bint Genre: Paranormal, Horror Young Simon Reynolds lives a bucolic life at his family home, White Pastures, surrounded by a loving family and a charming community. Simon finishes his A levels and looks forward to unwinding while his sisters work on their tans. Meanwhile the tiny […]