Release Day Party Trespass

About the Book Title: Trespass Author: Mikey Campling Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy Three stories, separated by five thousand years, united by one deadly secret: Somewhere, sometime, the stone is waiting. Trespass combines gritty, edgy modern-day action with a thrilling adventure across time. Discovered over 5,000 years ago, the Darkeningstone affects everyone who finds it. […]

Release Day Party A Taylor-Made Love

About The Book Title: A Taylor-Made Love Author: Kary Rader Genre: New Adult Romance When fate spares your life, your destiny is always love Twenty-year-old widow and cancer survivor Taylor Smith-Taylor is running her late husband’s billion-dollar gaming business because she’s made a vow to keep TME—and Gavin’s memory—alive. But she’s falling hard for her […]

Release Day Party Like A Bird

Book Excerpt Just a look, that’s all it was. A glance across a room, a sense of recognition saying, “I know you, I know that you are there, I know everything about you. I know your mouth is soft and warm. I know your smile, and I hear your laugh, what you sound like when […]

Release Day Stolen Art by Ruth Silver

Title: Stolen Art Author: Ruth Silver Publisher: Lazy Day Publishing Release Date: April 28, 2015 Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi Romance   Sixteen-year-old Madeline has been living on the streets, biding her time until she’s eighteen. With little to no money, she takes on a heist in hopes of making ends meet. What could possibly go […]

Release Day Party Code Human

About The Book Title: Code Human Author: N.J. Paige Genre: YA Science-Fiction A few days ago, I was living the life of the privileged elite—now I may not live through the night… In a dystopian world, far in the future, seventeen-year-old, Fenesia Thornbark, loses her home, her way of life, and most of her friends […]

Release Day Party Something Like This

About the Book Title: Something Like This Author: Eileen Cruz Coleman Genre: New Adult Romance Twenty-three-year old Jadie Santiago has a secret. One morning on her way to work she stops to offer a homeless man a bottle of water. As she meets the man’s eyes, Jadie instantly recognizes they belong to her father, whom […]

Release Day Party Fools Rush

About the Book Title: Fools Rush Author: Ciara Knight Genre: Historical Western Romance To avert an impending life of servitude, Bethany Cook seeks freedom on a wagon train bound for gold country. Disguised as a young boy she secures work as a travel companion with Thomas Nolan, a rich New Yorker who is on his […]

Release Day Party All In: Playing The Fool

About The Book Title: All In: Playing the Fool Author: Lane Hart Genre: Romance / Erotica WARNING: THIS BOOK IS FOR 18+ ONLY DUE TO THE SEXUALLY EXPLICIT SCENES (M/F, M/F/M, M/M) AND ADULT LANGUAGE. Will Reavis is the last man standing. All of his lifelong friends are settling down, and seem nauseatingly happy with […]

Release Day Party Tree of Ages

About the Book Title: Tree of Ages Author: Sara C. Roethle Genre: Epic Fantasy “The seasons are changing. The lines are faltering, undoing the old and bringing life to the new. Trees will fall, and changed earth will be left in their place. A storm is coming.” Finn doesn’t remember much about her previous life, […]

Release Day Party Tarthian Empire Companion

About the Book Title: Tarthian Empire Companion Author: Kayelle Allen Genre: Non-Fiction, Science Fiction For the writer of science fiction, and the writer who wants to create a science fiction series, this volume teaches you how to build believable worlds, track details of your story, organize your writing, and lay out your story bible. Novice […]