Top Commentators Contest – January

Welcome to the new monthly feature on I Heart Reading, the Top Commentators Contest. I think discussion and communication is extremely important, especially on a book review blog. I love it when people have something to say about my reviews, my memes, etc. Hence I thought it was time I tried to enhance discussion on my blog by providing a contest and a matching prize for every month’s top commentator on I Heart Reading. All prizes are books that will be reviewed at some point during this month.

I will keep track of each month’s comments by using the Top Contributors plugin for WordPress. As of january 1st 2012, you can keep track of this month’s top commentators in the sidebar.

Disclaimer: It’s important that, every time you comment, you use the same email address and username, since this plugin registers both of these to calculate the top contributor. Spam comments are, obviously, not allowed. You do not have to enter your information anywhere else to participate in this contest. By commenting on I Heart Reading during this month, you are automatically participating in this contest. At the start of each new month, the number of comments will be put to ‘zero’ again.

Monthly Prizes

The winner can choose one of these books:

This contest is open internationally. All of these prizes are eBook copies. The winner will be announced on January 31st. I will contact the winner through email.