2014 in a nutshell

goalsIt’s December 31st, and I can’t believe 2014 is…gone. Just like that. The year went by so fast it’s almost impossible to grasp. Before I start working on my reading resolutions for the new year, I wanted to focus on what I accomplished in 2014, in terms of reading.

According to Goodreads, I read a total of 401 books. That’s not including some books I couldn’t review on Goodreads because they weren’t on there (a small number, but still). Over 400 books. That’s a huge improvement from last year, and to be honest, it’s still a little surreal. Of course this includes some books I read before 2014 (say about 50) but that I didn’t get around to reviewing until this year. Still. 400+ reviews. I need a life, LOL. I’d started with a goal of reading 150 books, then I went up to 200, chose 250 by July, then had to go up to 350 again in September, and now surpassed even that goal. Wow.

This year, I participated in a bunch of challenges. The first one, the Netgalley Reading Challenge, was a huge success. I wanted to read 22 Netgalley books and ending up reading at least three times as much. I didn’t even keep track of the challenge the last few months, since I’d already won. You can see my progress here.

The second challenge, the horror challenge. God, I love horror books. I’d picked the maximum goal, 16+ books, and I think I must’ve read at least a 100. I started keeping track until about 40. You can find my progress here.

Next up, the 100 books a year challenge. Yeah…you can say I kind of shattered that goal. Hehe.

The dystopia challenge proved to be the hardest, but I still won that one as well. I read at least 11 dystopia books this year, and my original goal had been 7. See my progress here.

The last challenge was the YA reading challenge. I went for 30 books, and already surpassed that goal in June. Again, I didn’t keep track of it afterward, but I’m guessing the total must be around 60. My progress for this challenge is here.

 I took a little trip down memory lane and tracked down my resolutions for 2014. The ones I completed are scratched through.

  1. Read and review at least 200 books.
  2. Keep track of progress on reading challenges I signed up for.
  3. Write monthly round-up posts at the end of each month.
  4. Crosspost reviews on Goodreads, B&N, Netgalley and I Heart Yearly Reads.
  5. Add covers of reviewed books on Facebook.
  6. Add covers of received review copies on Facebook.
  7. Bring Netgalley review rate up to 50%.
  8. Bring Netgalley review rate up to 60%.
  9. Bring Netgalley review rate up to 70%.
  10. Organize my Goodreads shelves.

So I didn’t get all of them, but I still got  quite a few, and I’m pleased. Guess the Facebook covers will have to switch over to next year’s goals. My Netgalley ratio went up to 92% even!

Bloggiesta Spring 2014 March 27 – March 30


It’s time for Bloggiesta! This is my first time participating, and I’m totally psyched about it. I might even participate on two of my blogs, just because I’m crazy like that.

Anyway, if you want to participate in Bloggiesta as well, then head over here and sign up!

Here’s my goal list for this spring Bloggiesta, which runs from March 27 – March 30.

  • Write and schedule five reviews for April.
  • Add page with my books, and links to my author website.
  • Sign up for some more blog tours I got invites to.
  • Upload all blog tours promo posts for April that I signed up for, so far.
  • Make progress on Netgalley. Get five reviews scheduled for Netgalley books I read a long time ago, but never got around to reviewing.
  • Start setting up Month in Review post.
  • Update reaching challenges.
  • Visit 20-30 participants in the Bloggiesta challenge.
  • Update review archives. Add reviews for March.
  • Add reviews March to I Heart Yearly Reads.
  • Cross-post March reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, B&N and Netgalley.
  • Add album on Facebook page with book covers for March reviews and links to reviews.
  • Do the same for January and February.
  • Reply to emails for the last few weeks (I’m terrible at this, and keep forgetting to check my email for this blog).

Are you participating in Bloggiesta? What are your goals?

Goals for 2013

buttonWith 2013 just around the corner, and since we survived that dreadful approaching Apocalypse on December 21st, I decided to start working on a list of goals for 2013. I divided them into several categories. Some of these are related to my book blog, so I decided to post it here and on my writing website.

  1. Write 60,000 words a month, or 2k words a day. To inspire myself, join JanNoWriMo, FebNoWriMo and other events.
  2. Write the first draft of the second and third book in the Allegro Academy series.
  3. Finish writing the first draft of Ghostslayer.
  4. Edit and revise Ghostslayer until it’s “submittable”.
  5. Edit and revise Allegro Academy – Andante until it’s “submittable”.
  6. Start making weekly writing goals and post updates.
  7. Start making monthly writing goals and post updates.
  8. Write a book for middle graders.
  9. Write a chapter book.
  10. Edit my children’s picture books and promote them after publication.

Reading and Reading Blog

  1. Keep a review schedule. Review a book maximum one week after I finished reading it.
  2. Finish blog schedule for upcoming month by the end of the previous month.
  3. Read and review 150 books.
  4. Keep track of my reading challenges on I Heart Reading Challenges.
  5. Keep track of all books I’ve read and review on I Heart Yearly Reads.
  6. Get through my backlist of review copies.
  7. Update the website design for I Heart Reading.
  8. Crosspost all reviews on Goodreads and B&N.
  9. Make a balanced blogging schedule of working on the blog maximum 1/2 hours a day consistently.
  10. Write monthly round-up posts at the end of each month.


  1. Exercise for 30 minutes a day.
  2. Exercise for one hour at least two times a week.

Enchanted Book Promotions

  1. Make a new website design.
  2. Set up new email addresses to use.
  3. Expand to marketing as well as book tours.

Secret project

  1. Set up a website for the secret project.
  2. Start promoting the secret project.


  1. Get my driver’s license.
  2. Pass my last year of Law school, and get my degree.
  3. Write one tutorial/guide per week for The Over Achiever.