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1. Claiming The Evil Dead | Read my review
2. Catching An Evil Tail | Read my review
3. Fighting Evil
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Half-demon Jessie Garrett wants to live a normal life among her friends and keep her soul catching ability a secret, but supernatural creatures keep popping up in her world. Adding to her struggles, her vampire lover remains out of the country, and when he offers no valuable explanation as to why he hasn’t returned, she wonders if she should move on without him.
As if Jessie doesn’t have enough worries on her mind, the demon yearning to seduce her shows up at her home. She longs to liberate herself from the debt she owes him, and when he asks for her help, she jumps at the chance to make a new deal with him—one that will guarantee her freedom. The only catch? She has to send the soul of a werewolf to hell.
Love, trust, and loyalty are on the line. Torn between her feelings for her vampire boyfriend, a hot Alpha wolf, and a demon vowing to protect her, Jessie must figure out her heart’s true desires.

Author Interview

1) Hey, Mary! After reading two of your novels, I’m looking forward to finding out more about the author behind the books. 😉 First of all, I would like to know where you got the (very original) idea from for Jessie’s special powers, namely sending souls back to hell.

For several days, I thought and thought… what can I do that hasn’t been done before, at least, not that I had read. I knew I wanted someone who thought they were bad and a half-demon seemed like the perfect choice. But of course, she isn’t bad. Can’t be bad, but oh, she can be tempted! She had to have something special, a unique gift. I hadn’t read any kind of book about someone catching souls or sending them to hell, so I thought my idea would work. A half-demon who sends souls to hell sounded different to me. Then the question becomes, why does she do it? Well, in the fourth book, I explore that question.

2) A lot of the characters in your novels are vampires, demons, werewolves, etc. Was there any particular reason why you chose to write romance novels focused on supernatural creatures rather than ordinary people?

Well, I LOVE supernatural creatures, especially vampires. I’ve always loved vampires. I had to write about supernatural creatures. HAD TO. I’m trying to branch out and include more warlocks, witches, and werewolves.

3) Was there for you, as a writer, any significant difference between writing your first novel, Claiming The Evil Dead, and your second one, Catching an Evil Tail? And which one did you enjoy writing most?

Well, I already knew what I wanted to write in the second book before I finished the first. The overall plot was in my head. I think the second book flowed out of me faster. It took less time to write and I didn’t revise it ten times. With the first book, I revised and revised, over and over again. It actually started over 120,000 words. I cut out over 13,000 before I submitted it to Noble Romance. As for which one I enjoyed writing the most… I’d say the second one because Jessie is tempted multiple times and her struggles continue to grow. I love challenges. That bad boy Jeremy just continues to give her trouble.

4) I have to admit that personally I’m more of a fan of Jeremy/Jessie than of Drake/Jessie, probably because Jeremy is my favorite character in the series. Who is your favorite character to write about?

Ha, ha. That’s so funny you bring this up. From what I hear, readers are split equally between Jeremy and Drake. My favorite to write about is Jeremy. I don’t know why, but he just comes to life when I write about him. I love both characters, but Jeremy makes me laugh more. He’s such a troublemaker. I’ve tossed around the idea of writing from his point of view, but I have to think about it more. The series is really about Jessie. Who knows with time…

5) Can you tell us something more about the third novel in the Soul Catcher series, Fighting Evil?

The third book picks up right where Catching an Evil Tail leaves off. It had to. Jessie has a major challenge to face. What she finds out is those so called “ethical” vampires are not really that good. Imagine that (smile). In Fighting Evil, someone very close to Jessie makes an appearance to help her.

6) What ambitions do you have for the Soul Catcher series?

I’d like to keep it going for a while because I do enjoy the characters, the adventures, and the struggles. I think there are plenty of evil souls Jessie can send to hell. I have a couple ideas for future books. As long as readers enjoy them and my publisher likes them, I’ll keep the series going.

Thank you so much for answering my interview questions.

Thanks for interviewing me!

The Author

Mary is a part-time Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy author living in Indianapolis with her loving husband, witty daughter, and ridiculous cat. The paranormal world has always been an interest of her’s. She grew up watching Sci-Fi and Horror shows. As a teenager–many, many years ago–she read Anne Rice and wrote to pen-pals (stamps were cheap and computers weren’t in every household). Though she dropped the pen for a while, her love for the paranormal continued. She started writing full length novels a few years ago and hasn’t stopped. Not only does she love stories about vampires, she enjoys books with demons, werewolves, shapeshifters, dragons, and just about any supernatural creature.

Mary is a PRO member of the Romance Writers Association and Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Chapter. Visit her website.


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