InkSpell Publishing Launch Party


Drumrolls. Trumpets. Confetti. Flowers. We have launched!
This is a very momentous time for all of us at Inkspell Publishing. We’re very excited about this year as we embark on a journey that promises to be memorable. With a lot of enthusiasm, we are out in search of enchanting books that will spell bind you, our readers. Each story we bring to you is nurtured with care and made of the same stuff as dreams. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading them.
We plan to publish 20 books this year, each with its own flavor. Our first two books, Always You by Shilpa Mudiganti and Truly.Madly.Deeply.You by Cecilia Robert release in March, 2012

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But, where’s a party without some fun? To celebrate we are having a “Be Enchanted” contest starting today until 10-Jan, 2012.
Fill out the form below and enter to win free Amazon gift cards! And wait, there’s more…the first three winners will win enchanting Inkspell swag too. See it here! – Click Me!
The rules are simple.
Use the following 3 words in one sentence: Ink, Spell and Enchant (in any form). Ex – The ink cast an enchanting spell on us.
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That’s it!
And the prizes are:
1st Winner: 25$ Amazon gift card, and an Inkspell Swag
2nd Winner: 15$ Amazon Gift card, Inkspell Swag
3rd Winner: 10$ Amazon Gift card, Inkspell Swag
4th Winner: 10$ Amazon Gift card
5th Winner: 10$ Amazon Gift card
6th Winner: 10$ Amazon Gift card
7th Winner: 10$ Amazon Gift card
8th Winner: 10$ Amazon Gift card

So, what are you waiting for? Visit InkSpell Publishing and fill out the form to win one of these prizes!

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