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Question: What characteristics do your favorite books share?

This is actually a very tough question. I read a variety of genres and enjoy a variety of books. I love kick-ass heroines, I love mysterious paranormal boyfriends (think Damon from The Vampire Diaries…yummy!), but I also love heroines who aren’t over-powered and are struggling against the forces of darkness. There’s nothing that really defines my favorite books, I guess. They’re all quite different. I love the Harry Potter books, I’m a great fan of In The Forests of The Night, but I also love reading Mists of Avalon, and there are no characteristics in common whatsoever in those books. One thing though that I love in all books, although admittingly not in all books it’s equally well-executed, is the love triangle. I know a lot of people are tired of those, but they just draw me in.

What characteristics do your favorite books share?


  1. Thanks for stopping by – always happy to return the visit (and the follow).
    I agree with heroes who aren’t over-powered – there’s nothing worse than a book that’s all about being bigger, stronger, and more powerful. It gets really boring, really fast.
    Here’s my FF

  2. Love triangles are so frustrating to me. I guess only because I always seem to side with the guy that she doesn’t pick and then I think she’s stupid. But they can be fun sometimes too. Great answer! New subscriber 🙂 Check out my FF:
    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  3. Great answer! I personally like romance and great strong heroines, and I also love love triangles. I always think that the badboy is the best choice for the girl, mainly because he also is dep and tortured inside. New follower!

  4. Ohh, Damon is a perfect choice. Love him!
    Thanks for stopping by…following you back. =)

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