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Question: Describe where you love to read most…

Surprisingly enough, that’s an easy one for me. On the train. No seriously. I love reading on the train. I spent about four hours a week going from university to my home and vice versa with the train. Additionally, I also love reading in my bed. Especially when we’re talking scary horror/thriller novels. Brrr!

So, where do you like to read most?


  1. Following. When I lived in DC, I always read on the train. It was so relaxing and peaceful.

  2. I used to read a lot on the bus before I started driving into work, and I still won’t hit the subway or the streetcar without a book.

  3. Jamie@Addicted2Heroines says

    Oh, if I had rode a train, I would read there, too. When we go on longer car trips, I always read in the car while I make my husband drive, lol! I am a couch reader at heart, though!
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  4. Hi there! I usually read at home, comfortably slumped on the couch or on my bed. I’m not always on public transport so I don’t read on buses or trains. 🙂
    Anyway, I love your blog design! I’m not participating in Feature & Follow Friday but I’m following your blog.

  5. Mmm hmm, reading thrillers/ghost stories on your bed with only the reading lights on is the best thing ever!
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  6. Reading on a train – perfect!
    New follower from FF.

  7. Wow, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this for my own follow friday! Reading on the train has to be one of the best places to read. Reading on buses isn’t the most comfortable for me because I don’t want to think what goes through teenagers heads when they see me reading. I don’t want to be branded a geek even though in a way, I am one!
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  8. I enjoy reading on transportation, but I’m always afraid of missing my stop! Following.
    Preet @ AWR

  9. Totally agree with the bed idea – it’s so relaxing and cozy! I think I’d get a little distracted reading on the train, but it’s a great way to pass time!
    Love your blog theme btw!
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  10. I’m shower only as well–the deprivation! 😉 I consider it a necessity to have a book if I’m on public transportation. Thanks for stopping by my post. I’m now a new follower!

  11. A whoop for bed readers! I can’t read on trains or cars because I get motion sickness, but I do love reading on the plane (when I can keep my eyes open).
    Thanks for stopping by! Following back 😀 You’ve got a lovely blog.

  12. what a great answer!!! turning your commute into a great reading opportunity is so WONDERFUL!! 🙂
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