Book Review: Your Magnetic Mind by Aan Frazier and Giveaway

16041220Title: Your Magnetic Mind
Author: Aan Frazier
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help
Publisher: BookLocker
Publication Date: October 1st, 2012
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Did you know that the Law of Attraction is already at work in your life? That one of the most powerful laws in the universe – which has the potential to break you free from feelings of impossibility and perhaps change your life forever – has been sitting right under our nose?
“Your Magnetic Mind” explains the Law of Attraction in its entirety. Once you understand how the Law of Attraction is already working in your life, the fun really begins. With a sharp awareness of the factors that affect your reality and what you attract, you can use the Law of Attraction to accomplish your goals. The carefully crafted words of this book will inspire you to realize your mind’s unlimited potential.
“Your Magnetic Mind’s” genesis came from the lack of simple and clear books on the Law of Attraction. Author Aan D. Frazier states, “The Law of Attraction is beneficial for all people to know; therefore, it should be presented in a way that all people can understand.”

Your Magnetic Mind doesn’t normally fall under the types of books I read and enjoy. I like reading fiction, or non-fiction that is either related to webdesign or computers, writing or true hauntings. I don’t generally pick up books that talk about things like the power of our mind, or how we can achieve goals simply by visualizing them. I’m a firm believer in hard work, and that hard work can help you achieve a lot. But I have to admit I was curious. Was the Law of Attraction really as far-fetched and unbelievable as I, without knowing more about it than a few mentions here and there, believed? Or was it a lot more common than I expected?

Turns out that it really isn’t that far-fetched. Author Aan Frazier explains it very well in her book – better than I ever could – but basically it comes down to this: if you keep thinking positive instead of negative, positive things are more likely to come to you. If you say “I am” instead of “I will”, your mind will grow to accept you are a certain type of person, not that you will be, in the distant future. Imagining that future, that goal, right here and now, will inspire you to work toward it, but it will also inspire your mind to adapt to achieve this goal. Sounds logical, right? I’ve been doing this subconsciously all my life – I just never really had a word for it.

My mind tends to visualize everything – which sometimes leads to funny situations – so when I want to achieve something, I visualize it first. I imagine myself already having achieved it. For instance, when I wanted to succeed my finals, I imagined myself having already succeeded, and how happy that would make me. This was an extra motivation to keep on studying so I could pass them, and get good grades. I used to tell myself a lot “I can’t do this” and “I can’t do that”, but the last few years, I began to tell myself “I can do whatever I want to.” Needless to say, I’ve accomplished more these past two years than in many of the years prior. If that’s all due to the elusive power of one’s brain – that our brains are universally connected, and have a power of their own – I’m not entirely convinced about, but I’m not opposed to the idea either. I do believe the universe responds to the way we create it. If we think positive, positive thoughts will come to us. If we think negatively, negative thoughts will come to us as well.

This book was an eye-opener in the way that I was like ‘oh! So that’s what it is!’ and that I no longer felt appaled by notions like the “Law of Attraction.” The principles are explained clearly, as is the method on how to start actively using the Law of Attraction in your daily life. The author gives examples that explain everything well, which was necessary sometimes. What I also thought was important, was that I never got the feeling the author “talked down to me”, something I get a lot when I read self-help books (the rare ones that I do read).

The writing was fluent and straight to the point. You could see a lot of thought and effort went into writing this book. In fact, it also inspired me, and I could use a bit of inspiration right now. I have a series of goals I need to fulfill these next few months, and maybe putting the Law of Attraction into use will help me fulfill those. Definitely recommended for everyone – especially those people who want to accomplish something, but have the feeling they will never achieve it.


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