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Today I’m hosting a guest post about the important parts of writing a great novel, by suspense author Santino Reynolds.

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Guest Post: Power To The People

The Most Important Part Of A Great Novel

I’ve lived somewhat of a gypsy life, having lived in six different states and two foreign countries. The one thing I’ve consistently enjoyed throughout my life is meeting new people. I’m absolutely fascinated to find new personalities and discover their lives, past and present. There’s no denying that I have come to know a lot of people and it goes without saying that I like to read. One thing I dislike reading about are unrealistic or typical characters. In life, I never have the perfect thing to say to apologize. I hardly get set up for the funniest jokes and I damn sure don’t have a catchphrase. Well, not one that I could market.

When I began to write my first novel I vowed to take these very realistic personalities I’ve encountered (some a hyperbole of their real-life inspiration) and put them into unexpected situations. But even the most ordinary of situations can become extraordinary when people connect with your cast. I’m not the first person to build stories around characters though. Love it or hate it, 28 seasons of the Real World must mean something is right. My douche bag percentage is quite a bit lower though.

Ever wonder how your friend would deal with a hostage scenario? So have I. Putting convincing people in compromising and degenerative positions is what I love to do. When I do this, I find that the humor, the love and emotion that flow from the characters are much more believable and far more entertaining. Ryan, Shawn and Javier (Deliver Us) are gritty and raw characters. They’re not heroes or heartthrobs. My focus for all of my novels has been to create genuine characters that people can relate to. In real life you rarely will run into someone who is inherently evil. Most people don’t do bad things for the sake of being the bad guy. Most people make bad decisions with good intentions. In my novel Deliver Us, Shawn is a prime example of this.

At first, he comes across as an arrogant, white-supremacist. But I didn’t want Shawn to be the archetypal bad guy. So when we get to see the story from his side, we come to understand he’s more than just a collection of misguided views. He’s also a hardworking man that wants nothing more than to provide for his family. I went as far as I did with the ending for him (I won’t spoil it) because I wanted readers to understand that he’s still human. There’s also a moment of revelation for Ryan and Javier. Growth is part of life. The two may not be a source of antagonism, but they aren’t perfect and I continue to drive that point throughout the novel.

I consider having read The Diary Of Anne Frank to be a pivotal point in my reading/writing career. I also believe that people are good at heart. Most of the antagonist in my novels have at least one good (if not redeeming) quality about them. But it’s up to you what that quality is.

Author Bio

Finding your passion can be quite a long journey, as proved by Santino Reynolds. The Chicago-born young adult traveled over fifteen states, living in many of them. From behind a desk to behind enemy lines, Santino’s vibrant list of accolades includes: becoming the Musclemania middle-weight bodybuilding champion, becoming an Iraq war veteran, learning sign language and so much more. But none of those titles filled Santino with the passion he has for story-telling. Santino first began writing short horror stories at the age of eight. However, his first full length novel was a romance inspired by a close relative “coming out” to him. As he continued to write, romance became more of a background and his love for horror took center stage. Even though the genres may change, Santino Reynolds never will. Remnants, hints and allusions to his earlier works are always evident in his latest books. Try to find the House Of Cards reference in Deliver Us. Santino now resides in Arizona and continues to write horror novels. His lifelong dream is a collaboration with the living legend George A. Romero.

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