Starter Day Party Medusa’s Desire


We’re hosting the starter day party for fantasy romance Medusa’s Desire today.

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About Medusa’s Desire

medusadesireTitle: Medusa’s Desire
Author: E.B. Black
Genre: Fantasy Romance

It all started the day her god raped her.

She transformed into an abomination through his touch. Her skin grew scales. Her eyes turned red. She screamed for help, but all who saw her became stone.

Medusa thought she would be alone forever, until the day a man came to kill her and fell in love instead. Now Perseus is running from those who hired him as he continues to love a girl who could kill him with a glance.

Author Bio

ebblackE.B. Black lives in southern California with her family and two rottweilers. She daydreams about dressing up like a necromancer for Halloween and about new fantasy worlds she can throw her characters into.

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