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I’m hosting a tour stop for the Muskie Attack book tour today. Muskie Attack is a MG adventure series, and it sounds like a blast. I’ll leave the room to author G.M. Moore now!

Guest Blog Post

When I started writing Muskie Attack, the first book in the Up North Adventure series, I only had one goal in mind: getting my 8-year-old nephew to read. He was, and still is, very outdoorsy and adventurous. And like many young boys, he suffered from ADD. Getting him to sit down and read was virtually impossible—especially if the book didn’t interest or entertain him.

I have a journalism degree and worked as a newspaper writer and editor for many years, so I decided to see if I could write fiction and create something that would hold his attention.  I thought, “What do I know that boys would like?” The answer was fishing. I have vacationed at fishing resorts in Wisconsin since 4-years-old and used my own and my family’s experiences as the foundation for Muskie Attack. I didn’t stray too far from home on character development either. Every character in Muskie Attack is inspired by or based on a real person. That nephew is actually one of the main characters.  Muskie Attack follows two boys on their summer vacation, through mischief and misadventures, until the ultimate climax: Catching a ferocious World Record muskie.

Writing that first book was fun and frustrating. The fun was sharing completed chapters with my nephew and getting his feedback. The frustrating was finding the time and the continued motivation to write it.  I soon discovered I have my own ADD issues, often preferring to clean the toilet over sitting down at the computer to write. I’d work on a chapter or two, then do nothing for several months. I’d only start writing again when my nephew would chide me about my lack of progress. This continued for a couple years until one summer I forced myself to buckle down and finish the darn thing. Coming in at 122 pages, the book wasn’t War and Peace, after all.

I come from a family of avid readers and once Muskie Attack was finally completed, the response I received from all of them was overwhelming. They loved it—especially the nephew.  With their support and encouragement, I set off to find a publisher (a whole other guest post there!), and turn the book into a trilogy. I eventually took the self-publishing route and a part-time career was born. I’m currently at work on Ghosts of Manitowish Waters, a book inspired by a class of 6th-grade boys who wanted an action-adventure love story. Go figure!

About Muskie Attack

For Corbett Griffith III, divorce and two busy parents mean goodbye city life, hello great outdoors. With their busy Chicago careers and schedules, his parents just don’t seem to have any time for him. When his mother sends him to his uncle’s Wisconsin fishing resort for the summer, Corbett feels that there’s no one pulling for him or caring what happens to him.

But all of that changes at Whispering Pines Lodge, Corbett learns he is never really alone, thanks to his Uncle Dell, who takes care of him, and his new friend Pike, who pulls him into one mischievous adventure after another. It’s a summer of change for ten-year-old Corbett–even his name changes, when a cute girl calls him “Griffy,” a nickname he likes enough to keep.

When Griffy catches two elusive walleyes, he is surprised to discover how much he likes fishing. Eager to test his newfound skills, he and Pike are stunned to hear that a seventy-pound muskie is on the loose. They resolve to catch the ferocious fish, no matter what. For Pike catching a world record muskie would be about the sport. For Griffy it would be about something more. Maybe, just maybe, if he caught that fish is parents would take notice.
Think alligator. Think prehistoric beast. Think mean.

Will they be able to catch the muskie and stop it from attacking anyone or anything?

Genre:  YA / MG crossover

Published 3/11/2012 by Amazon Digital Svcs.


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