Book Review: Kingdom of Heroes by Jay Philips

Kingdom_of_Heroes_Cover_for_KindleTitle: Kingdom of Heroes

Author: Jay Philips

Genre: Supernatural / Fantasy / Mystery

Rating: 4 stars

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Years ago, a gene virus ran rampant across the planet, leaving a small percentage of people gifted/ cursed with extraordinary abilities and humanity itself forever changed. Suddenly, there were people with super strength and speed, people who could read minds, people who could teleport themselves from place to place with but a single thought.

Several of these people joined together to form The Seven, the most powerful group of supers the world had ever known. Led by the enigmatic Agent America, The Seven kept the country safe from threats both foreign and internal. That is until the United States government decided the threat of the supers outweighed any protection they could offer.

After a war between the super powered and the normals (as non-powered humans are now referred), The Seven have placed themselves as the nation’s rulers, controlling the country through fear and intimidation. But now, someone or something is murdering The Seven one-by-one, single handedly attempting to make them pay for all of the sins they have committed.

To stop a killer, The Seven turn to a man who hates them as much as anyone. An imprisoned man known only as The Detective finds himself in the unenviable position of helping the people he despises in exchange for his freedom.

I had no idea what to expect when I started reading Kingdom of Heroes, but I certainly didn’t expect this epic, heart-wrenching, dynamic, action-filled story that reminds me of all the comic books I read when I was a kid. All right, so I didn’t read that many comic books, but this book certainly reminded me of my comic-book days. The book is very much about people with supernatural abilities vs. normal people, pretty much like X-men, but in a totally different way. There was a lot of mystery going on as well, and I liked the eclectic mix of superhero genre and mystery.

The characters were awesome. They were well-developed and thought-through, and each of them had an unique personality. The main character is called The Detective, which I thought was strange and at the same time hilarious. The other members of the seven were fun as well, and I particularly enjoyed the small snapshots into their history.

The author created an imaginative, intriguing world that I thoroughly enjoyed exploring. The only downside? The plot reached its climax about halfway through, and everything from there was less magnificent than this large build up and the climax that followed. There were some other moments afterward that made the characters shine, but nothing as spectacular as in the first half.

Nevertheless, I would recommend this book to fans of the superhero genre, fans of comic books and just fans of good old mysteries with a supernatural twist.

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