Book Review: Magic in Us: The Power of Imagination by Natalie Tinti

Sewing-a-Friendship-2-Magic-In-Us-book 1-The Power-of-FriendshipTitle: Sewing a Friendship 2 – The Magic in Us: The Power of Imagination (Book 1)
Author: Natalie Tinti
Genre: Children’s Chapter Book
Age Group: Lower Grade
Rating: 4 stars
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When a secret agent dog, Dogon, informed four best friends that Nina has a bad horrible scratch and she won’t be able to play her musical instruments, they must quickly come and make her feel better. While deciding what to do next, there’s a veritable blizzard of ideas put forth, and the girls have to sift through them all to come up with a plan of action. Together they create a magical world full of adventures where every obstacle can be overcome with mutual support and joint creativity.

Magic in Us is an inspiration for children to learn and grow into well-rounded individuals, to realize the power of friendship, to learn about the value of problem solving and discover hidden talents. It told by 10 years old Natalie Tinti. She is not only a multi-awarded talented writer, she is also an amazing artist!

 I’ve previously read and reviewed the first book in this series, Sewing a Friendship. I enjoyed the first book, but liked the second book better. Natalie Tinti has grown in the craft of writing, and it shows in her storytelling in Magic in Us: The Power of Imagination. The first book suffered a bit from sentences going nowhere, trails of thought leading to nowhere, etc. The second book doesn’t have these problems anymore. It also has a lot more illustrations, and I think those look better as well. Those illustrations, combined with the writing, must take a lot of work, and I’m curious about what takes the longest: the illustrating, the writing or the coloring.

Either way, in this story Nina has a bad scratch on her finger, which isn’t good at all, since Nina can’t play her favorite instruments anymore now. So Dogon, a secret agent dog, runs from house to house to inform Nina’s friends of her injury. Meeka, Sokron, Jonsy Jipsy and their new-found pal Kiki from the first book, get together to comfort Nina. Kiki is a bit wary about going, since she’s the new member of the group and only recently befriended them. However, the other girls quickly make Kiki feel like she’s been a member of the group all along.

The girls start telling stories about going to a magical birthday party, and each of them comes up with their own story of how they were invited and how they made it to the party in the end. The story were imaginative and fun, and something little kids would enjoy a lot.



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