Book Review: Misunderstandings by Angel Rothamel

Misunderstandings by Angel RothamelTitle: Misunderstandings

Author: Angel Rothamel

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

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What would you do if you got a call informing you that the family as you knew it, was a lie.
Dan Brock, retired SEAL turned mechanic in small town Cedar, Colorado, gets a call that changes his life. Dealing with the family he never knew about, Dan takes his frustrations out on the man, that because of his good looks, Dan refuses to have anything to do with. Dallas Bainbridge’s primary job is flying Dan’s former CO from place to place. Getting a request to fly Dan to his father’s funeral, Dallas tries to keep to himself, not knowing why Dan doesn’t like him. Can the two men get past their differences, or will a simple misunderstanding keep them apart?

I enjoyed reading this book. As the title suggests, it’s definitely about Misunderstandings! Dan and Dallas, our two main characters, start off on the wrong foot, and have to work hard to meet common ground. They feel an instanct attraction to each other, but are afraid to act upon it. Meanwhile, Dan is working out some personal issues in his life. He just reunited with a family he never knew he had, one of his new siblings is plotting against him, and he inherited money from a father he thought died years ago.

The writing was pretty decent. The author didn’t dwell on descriptions and instead, focused on making the plot go forward. The relationship between Dan and Dallas got a bad start, but I didn’t mind. I actually like books that don’t offer insta-love, and this one definitely didn’t. The background story was good as well, about Dan and his newfound family. The characters were well-developed, especially Dan and Dallas.

If you’re a fan of the genre, this is a solid choice.

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