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I’m hosting a starter day party today for YA Dystopian novel, “Belligerent”. This book sounds like an amazing read! I’ll review the book on my blog on August 10th. Stay tuned for the review, and meanwhile, check out the other tour stops!

Tour Schedule

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August 3rd:  Guest Post @ Auggie Talks

August 4th: Book Excerpt @ The Single Librarian

August 5th: Book Review @ My Seryniti

August 6th: Book Excerpt @ I’m an Eclectic Reader

August 7th:  Author Interview @ Bookcracker Caroline

August 8th: Book Review and Excerpt @ Black Lillies are Deadly

August 10th: Book Review @ I Heart Reading

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August 13th: Author Interview @ Majanka’s Blog

August 14th: Book Review and Character Interview @ The Reading Pile

About Belligerent

Belligerent_CVR_LRGTitle: Belligerent

Author: B.N. Mauldin

Genre: YA Dystopian

In a dystopian future the populace is segregated into castes. Belligerents, the lowest of status, are comprised of criminals and outcasts. Content as a faceless Commoner, Ryan has made a life for himself on the streets as a car thief. While the work isn’t the most noble, he’s known as one of the best despite his young age.

Ryan’s skills catch the eye of a flagrant Owner, bent on winning the virtual competition: Vicara. Newly branded as a Belligerent, Ryan struggles for freedom and acceptance at an academy specialized in training teams for Vicara. Ryan’s place on the team is shaky as he learns the truth and tragedy behind the person he replaces.

Join the Belligerents as we get our first look into the world of Vicara!

Author Bio

FP Pic - BN MauldinWriting since she was “old enough to hold a crayon”, B.N. Mauldin resides in Lexington, North Carolina with her two cats. Her parents, Bill, Bobby, Shirley, and Mary have always been great sources of encouragement, as well as her two younger brothers, Matthew and Donovan, whose imaginations inspire her writing.  A vital element of Mauldin’s mentality involves looking at something ordinary while contemplating what else it could be.

A tea addict and “Slytherin” at heart Mauldin also gets a spark of creativity through considerable reading of “some of the greatest works ever written.”

To read more about B.N., follow her blog:

Mauldin’s first novel, Belligerent, is now available for pleasurable reading through Fable Press:


Belligerent is available now through in paperback and Kindle versions and wherever books are sold. (US): (UK): (Canada):


  1. ravenkiss66 says

    Very talented young author with a promising career. The book was an interesting read and I was able to relate to the teenage characters even though I am an adult. The characters were faced with many challenges and responded to them maturely. This is definitely a page turner and holds your attention throughout the book. Can’t wait for the continuation of this story.

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