Book Review: Sometimes It Is Rocket Science by Kara Thorpe

cover1Title: Sometimes It Is Rocket Science

Author: Kara Thorpe

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age Group: Adult (18+)

Rating: 4 stars

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More comfortable in the lab than in the boardroom, engineering genius Georgiana Collier has been floundering in her role as CEO of her late father’s company. Raising her teenaged brother isn’t easy, either – ever since a fatal car accident he spends his days in a depressed fog and nightmares hamper any attempt at sleep. When her mentor Dan Norwood has a heart attack and members of her board start to conspire against her, she fears a nervous breakdown is on the horizon.

Called back to Houston after his father’s heart attack, playboy computer whiz Robert Norwood knows he’s going to have his hands full relocating the company’s main office and keeping his father from having another attack. He doesn’t expect an automated house with his dead mother’s voice or the rush of desire he feels when faced with childhood friend Georgiana Collier. His plans to win Georgiana’s cautious heart are threatened by his reputation as a lady-killer and a murderous business rival.

Sometimes It Is Rocket Science is an endaring, fun contemporary romance novel with unique, entertaining characters. There’s Georgiana Collier on the one hand, CEO of her late father’s company, Collier Analytics. Georgiana is intelligent, nerdy, and she manages to hold her own. She has to raise her teenage brother after her Dad passed away, and even for an engineering genius, that’s not an easy task. Meanwhile, her mentor has suffered from a heart attack, and she’s forced to call his son, Robert Norwood, and ask him to come back to town.

Robert is a rare mix of computer whiz and playboy. He has a cheerful, laid-back attitude, which forms a huge contrast to Georgiana’s anxiety as the world around her starts falling apart. But Robert never expected to come home to his father so ill, and having to fight for the family business to survive. He never expected to fall head over heels for his childhood friend Georgiana either.

But Georgiana has enough on her plate to fall for the notorious playboy. So he’ll have to play his cards right if he wants to win her over.

There’s a lot of tech babble going on in this book, which I kind of liked, but which probably isn’t for everyone. Even though so, if you don’t like it, you can just skim over it, and you’ll still be able to enjoy the story. The story itself isn’t all that original – childhood friends meet again and fall for each other while trying to save their respective family businesses – but the way the story is brought feels new and refreshing. Robert may pretend to be an alpha male for most of the book, he’s actually quite the softie when you get to the heart of it. And Georgiana, despite her insecurities, is a determined, intelligent young woman.

I liked Kara Thorpe’s writing style. The writing was very fluent and not overly descriptive, but really managed to get its point across.

An excellent read for fans of contemporary romance.


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