Book Review: Liberty’s Torch (Dystopia #3) by Janet McNulty

front coverTitle: Liberty’s Torch (Dystopia #3)
Author: Janet McNulty
Genre: Young Adult Dystopian
Age Group: Young Adult
Rating: 4 stars
Review copy provided by Enchanted Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

All it takes is one spark to ignite the flame of liberty.

Six months have passed since Dana and Kenny parted. Forced to live as a wanderer, Dana discovers a crashed drone and learns of the chaos within Dystopia and what President Klens has planned for the resistance. Realizing that she must go back, Dana acquires the help of a seventy-year-old man and an old friend. Upon her return, she finds that rebellion is in the air as the government continues to eliminate dissenters.

Forced to disguise herself, Dana searches for the resistance to tell them of President Klens’ plans. After a few run-ins with the officers and narrow escapes from Colonel Fernau—his obsession with her growing each day—she learns that the people of Dystopia yearn to be free from their oppression. What they need is a leader. Knowing that everyone she cares for will never be safe so long as the government reigns supreme, Dana must decide how far she is willing to go achieve freedom.

Liberty’s Torch is the third book in a series, but I didn’t have too much trouble jumping right in. The plot is quite similar to other dystopian novels, but then again, the series is called “Dystopia”, so that’s probably the idea behind all of it. One of the most prominent settings in the book is actually called Dystopia.

Dana is an intriguing, interesting and most of all, relatable, character. She’s not afraid to fight for what she wants, and she’s very brave. What I liked about her the most was her yearning for freedom. It was inspiring, and how much she was willing to sacrifice to gain that freedom was inspiring as well.

I couldn’t connect with all characters in the same way though. Some of the secondary characters were just there, and didn’t have any personality traits that made them stand out from the others.

The writing was great. It wasn’t overly descriptive, but rather suiting for a YA novel.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I may go back and read the first two at some point, but this one is rather satisfactory even when read on its own.

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