Book Review: I Believe…A Ghost Story for the Holidays by Valerie C. Woods

16300676Title: I Believe…A Ghost Story for the Holidays
Author: Valerie C. Woods
Genre: Magical Realism, Novella
Rating: 4 stars
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Was Marley & Scrooge the only ghost-to-human intervention ever? This is the question. Marley’s haunting, and the arrangement he made for Scrooge had a far-reaching and beneficial effect.

Surely, poor Jacob Marley’s ghost found some peace for being such a compassionate medium. Further, it would be nice to believe that attempts at interventions like this occur with some frequency among unfulfilled spirits. Even now.

“I Believe… A Ghost Story for the Holidays” is a contemporary holiday romp through a Los Angeles neighborhood that invites the reader to join three wandering spirits hoping to transition to the light by New Year’s Eve. But it will only happen if each of them can cure a human heart of their Scrooge-like tendencies to become more loving and charitable citizens of the planet.

I Believe…A Ghost Story for the Holidays is, like the title suggests, a great story for the holidays. The age old story of Scrooge, that we all know, is thrown into a contemporary setting here, and Scrooge is replaced by three unknowing human beings, who’ve each got plenty of problems of their own, and who need their deceased loved ones to help them.

The first ghost we meet is Trevor. When he was alive, he wasn’t always the nicest person, but since he passed away, his sister Viveka has really gotten off track. He wants to help her find love and friendship, before he can move on. Then there’s Gabriel, who wants to help Simon, who is his spitting image in every way and mimicks his lifestyle and bad choices. Lastly, there is Sara, who wants to help her husband and son. Her husband has been uptight and angry for years, and she doesn’t want him to ruin their son’s life because of that.

Each ghost has their own mission, but when their paths intervene, and the lives of their loved ones do too, they’ll need to work together if they’ll ever want to cross over to the other side.

This book had a great writing style, and I loved the premise. Of all the characters, Sara was my favorite. I wish we could’ve learned more about the ghosts though, and how they were in life. It’s a short, sweet, heartwarming read for the holidays.


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