Book Review: The Unknown Mother by Dielle Ciesco

bookcoverTitle: The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with The Goddess of Sound
Author: Dielle Ciesco
Genre: Metaphysical / Inspirational Fiction
Rating: 4 stars
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It isn’t every day that one meets a goddess, let alone a Matrika or being that presides over the sounds of language. It is said such deities can bring us complete liberation. Will that prove true for a struggling vocalist named Wrenne when a mysterious woman appears and offers to help her find her True Voice? This beguiling and eccentric teacher guides us all on a deep and powerful journey through 10 mystical gates of sound, sharing great insights, secrets, and profound wisdom about the power of letters, words, and our very own voice to transform the world around us.

Did you know that “Abracadabra” comes from the Aramaic…” abraq ad habra”, which literally translates to “I will create as I speak”? The message of The Unknown Mother is to reawaken people to this truth and to that which we habitually take for granted…the power of the voice. When we bring our awareness to our voice and learn to express it in new ways, with impeccability, we rediscover our true message. Voice is the key to unlocking our power and magnificence. The Unknown Mother is an adventure for lovers of word, sound, and voice taking the reader into these heart of sonic mysteries. This isn’t standard knowledge; this is a gift for our times.

The Unknown Mother was an unique, thought-provoking experience. As a musician, I always thought I knew all about sound that there is to know. I was wrong. While the book presents us with a story of a struggling vocalist, and a mysterious woman named Matrina who appears on stage to help the vocalist find her true voice, it also teaches the reader a great deal about sound, the throat chakra, the healing powers of sound, and so on.

Anyone who thinks a voice is just a voice, simply has to think of musicians and their amazing voices to figure out that’s not the case. However, there’s a deeper, spiritual link Dielle Ciesco talks about in her novel. I hadn’t thought I’d learn so much before diving into this book, but I did. It’s a wonderful book, especially for musicians, vocalists, speakers and teachers. It made me understand my voice, its connection to a spiritual level, and more of its purpose and use.

It’s hard to give a longer review for this book. The writing was spot on, and the pacing was surprisingly fast for an inspirational / metaphysical novel. It was thought-provoking, and had a clear message to convey. I suggest anyone who’s ever been interested in their true voice, authentic sound, and so on, give this book a shot.

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