Book Review: By My Choice by Christine Blackthorn

By My Choice ...Title: By My Choice

Author: Christine Blackthorn

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Age Group: Adult (18+)

Rating: 4 stars

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Sometimes the path of life seems inevitable — what does it mean to choose?

Jennifer Ashton has spent her whole life in one Supernatural court or the other but the realities of what this means are only brought home to her when her best friend is forced to sell her to a vampire, and not any vampire, but one she knows well. Caught in the double betrayal of friendship and love she needs to decide what her life is going to be.

Jennifer is a financial manager, her control over every aspect of her own life complete. She does not allow anything to upset her rationality, no emotion, no sensation, no desire. The only weakness she has accepted is her unlimited loyalty to her best friend, the friend who betrays her by selling her to a competitor. She joins her new master in Paris where she begins to realise that he has as little choice as she does. Can she accept that by giving up everything, by giving him everything, they might both regain their lives?

When I started reading By My Choice, I was immediately impressed by the level of detail, and the quality of writing – two things you don’t often find in novellas. Jennifer, our main character, has spent her whole life in a court of vampires, mostly keeping count of the finances. But she barely resembles the girl her best friend met the first time he saw her. She barely smiles, she looks exhausted, something is definitely wrong with her. Seeing no other choice to save her, he sends her away to another vampire count.

Jennifer has no idea what’s going on, and so she feels furious at her best friend’s betrayal. But in her new home, Paris, she finds out that her life is in danger, and if she doesn’t let go of her own self-control and submit herself to her new vampire master, she’ll perish. But can Jennifer give up her own will and choice?

I’m not entirely fond of the whole “not having a choice” thing, but it actually fit the theme, mood, and setting of the story. I loved the erotic scenes toward the end, but I enjoyed the set up at the start just as much. The readers finds themselves emerged in a dark, unsettling paranormal world where vampires are the supreme masters, ruling over humans and other creatures alike. Jennifer is an interesting main character. At first, one is left wondering what’s going on with her, and when it was explained, I was impressed by how original the explenation was.

Add a solid plot, quality writing and a vast supernatural world in the mix, and you’ll understand why I enjoyed this book. I hope more books are in the works. Hopefully a novel next time. Meanwhile, if you like paranormal romance and don’t mind a few erotic scenes, pick up this book.

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