Book Review: Finding Fire by K.R. Robidoux

Finding_Fire_Cover_for_Kindle (1)Title: Finding Fire (Elemental Gifts)

Author: K.R. Robidoux

Genre: Supernatural

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Kenna’s life was pretty normal. Single child raise by her grandmother, who loved her job and the quiet small town she grew up in, but as fate would have it that is not the way things would remain. After her Granny died, Kenna discovers who she really is, and what she is truly capable of. She is the fifth child of a very unique family that has the ability to control the four elements. But as she is trying to find the family she didn’t even know she has she also finds the Restorers, a faction of people who want nothing but to eliminate people like Kenna and her family from the world. Now more than ever she must learn to control her gifts, find her family, and protect them from the Restorers.

In Finding Fire, Kenna believes she’s just an ordinary human being, until she opens up a letter left to her by her deceased grandmother. The letter reveals that Kenna is anything but ordinary. She’s not an only child, but she has four siblings. Born as quindruplets, they each possess an unique gift, an element which they can control.  Her parents died in an accident, and her grandmother was only allowed to take care of one of them. Kenna’s brothers and sisters are spread across the globe, and if she wants to reunite her family, she’ll have to find them. She starts by searching for her oldest brother, Aiden, who controls the element fire. But finding Aiden isn’t as easy as Kenna hoped it would be, and there’s danger lurking in every corner.

Kenna starts off as a whiny, insecure girl who has the habit of talking to herself way too often. She spends most of the time in her own mind. I understand she took her Granny’s death harshly, but I kind of wanted her to be a bit braver, a bit more eager to take her destiny in her own hands. However, she undergoes a real character transformation as the story continues. By searching for Aiden and eventually meeting him, she becomes a stronger, more self-reliant and independent person.

I actually enjoyed the threat of the Restorers. The Restorers are people who’d like to destroy Kenna and her family. By searching for her brother, Kenna unwillingly stumbles upon these Restorers, and from then on, a wild goose chase begins, in which the Restorers chase Kenna and her brother and try to eliminate them. It adds a whole new dimension to the book, adding suspense and excitement.

I’m looking forward to reading the sequel to this book. While the start could’ve been better, it really picked up halfway through and ended up being an enjoyable read.

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