Book Review: Passion, Power and Privilege by Cara Addison

ca-passionpowerandprivilege-fullTitle: Passion, Power and Privilege
Author: Cara Addison
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
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When her tumultuous marriage ends suddenly, Katharine “Kate” Callahan is forced to decide if she should return to her job as a corporate lawyer, or proceed with the campaign to become the Mayor of the City of Lowden.

Difficult decisions become a lot easier when Kate meets Brad Taylor, a handsome and successful business owner. Brad’s attraction to Kate is instant, and life finally starts falling into place as Kate realizes that the right man can bring out a passion that she had forgotten existed.

Can Kate and Brad overcome their stormy and complicated pasts to find each other, love each other, and use their power and privilege to change the city they call home?

Kate Callahan’s marriage wasn’t good to begin with, but when it comes to a rather abrupt end, she’s understandably shaken up about it. Having to rebuild her life from scratch again isn’t something she was looking forward to. Should she continue her campaign to become mayor, or go back to her job of corporate lawyer? Should she try to go back to the dating scene, or stay single for a while?

When she meets Brad Taylor, a handsome, seductive, and successful and ambitious business owner, her life starts falling back into place. Brad feels an immediate attraction toward her, and the feeling is mutual. But if she wants to give the relationship a fair chance, Kate will have to deal with phantoms of the past.

There are plenty of steamy scenes here, and they’re all quite enjoyable. The writing style was solid from start to end, and the plot, while not entirely original, was definitely very entertaining. Kate was a great character. She’s flawed, goes through up and downs, tries to do the best she can, and I applaud her for that. Brad was…well, hot barely begins to describe it. I enjoyed the steamy romance between the two characters, but also the underlying plot of both of them working together to make their city a better place.


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