Book Review: Equinox (The Second Book of Ascension) by Dirk Strasser

MOM030_Equinox_AWTitle: Equinox (The Second Book of Ascension)
Author: Dirk Strasser
Genre: Fantasy
Age Group: Young Adult and up
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Publisher Website
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Can you see the story breathing?

The Keep

The most beautiful city on the great Mountain

The pinnacle of Maelir culture

The home of the Inner Sanctum

The place where secrets hide


The fate of the Mountain hangs in balance at the time of Equinox, and even the Keep can no longer remain untouched. The Maelir are desperate to defend it, the Faemir to demolish it, the windriders to claim it. But unknown to them all, a dark force has already emerged from the chaos to seize power.

As Atreu and Verlinden strive to decipher the power of the Talisman that has defined Atreu’s Ascent, Teyth and Valkyra are locked in a desperate battle that neither of them can win. At a time when darkness and light are in perfect equilibrium, when Maelir and Faemir must find a way to break the deadlock and avoid annihilation, the world’s fate lies in the Book of Ascension.

Last week, I reviewed the first book in the Books of Ascension series by Dirk Strasser, Zenith. You can read my review here. Today I’m tackling the second book, and I’ll get to the third book in April.

What Zenith seemed to lack in action for the first half of the book, is made up by Equinox. At the start, we learn about the fate of the Mountain, and how it’s endangered, and about how a dark force has ascended that allies with no one, not with the Maelir or the Faemir, and might unite them to fight against a common enemy, if they manage to set their differences aside.

Atreu and Verlinden try to uncover the power of the Atreu’s talisman, whereas his brother, always more fighter than than scholar, is locked up in a battle he can’t possibly win. Their only hope, and the hope of the world, can be found in the Book of Ascension.

There’s more action in this book, and Atrue goes through a tremendous amount of character developement. The Atreu we see at the end of this novel, is nowhere near the innocent lamb we encountered at the start of the first book. As the book draws closer to the end, the inevitable becomes clear, and each brother must continue down their own path, and fulfill their own destiny.



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