Book Review: King of Cups by Alex Flyn

Chess/ Wooden chessboard with black and white checkersTitle: King of Cups

Author: Alex Flyn

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

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Shy and young, Sarah dreams of working in a fashion magazine, but due to circumstances ends up doing what she never thought she would be doing. Not only she needs to find her way back, she also finds herself in the middle of the British football love drama, with a crazy champion title chase on top. And the Romeo and Juliet of the football world aren’t going to make her life any easier.

King of Cups: Love. Football. Love for football.

King of Cups is a short novella of about 30 pages in .pdf format, but it packs a whole deal. Sarah, our main character, dreams of working for a fashion magazine, but unfortunately finding a job isn’t as easy as it sounds, and with her aunt and uncle constantly breathing down her neck until she finds one, she’s more than a little stressed out. When Musique, a music magazine in the same building as her dream magazine, asks her to apply for a job, it’s Sarah last chance. But when her interview goes haywire, another opportunity turns up – one involving Sarah working for a sports magazine, interviewing football stars and talking about the upcoming champion title chase. Sarah knows next to nothing about football, and she never thought she’d have to write about it, but any job is better than no job, right?

This the first half of a longer book, so it ends on a cliffhanger. I’m no big fan of cliffhangers, since I always want to know what happens next! Apart from that, it’s a solid novella, a little on the short side, and I felt like I wanted to get to know the secondary characters better before departing from them already. I did get a good insight into the ups and downs of Sarah’s mind though, so that’s a bonus.

There is some interesting set up here, and I’m eager to see how it plays out. A good read for fans of contemporary romance.

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