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I’m hosting a guest post today for non-fiction “Ritual Tea” by Mario Zeleny. Enjoy the guest post!

Guest Post

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: The Entity that Controls You—Take Back Your Power

There is an entity that works 24 hours a day recording and analyzing everything we do and experience.  This entity applies meaning to this data; literally creating an interlocking, complex web of relationships and conclusions from our personal information. Storing, organizing and retrieving this amount of information requires advanced technology, so this info has been encoded within symbols which allows for lightening quick access and storage in a very small amount of space. It doesn’t stop there.  This entity now feeds this all of this back to us through bio-streaming without our awareness. What this means is, we have their encoded symbols inside us secretly controlling every aspect of our behavior, overriding our conscious thoughts and decisions. It deeply and seriously affects our life. It literally rules how we feel about ourselves.  And what happens when life doesn’t go right, we blame the economy, bad luck, or others and become used to the lower quality of life it has created, so it all seems so “normal” and we are “OK”.
This isn’t some kind of UFO-Foil Hat conspiracy.
I am not talking about the “Matrix”.
It’s not the premise of my new sci-fi book.
This is real.  This is your subconscious.
When is the last time we went on a “subconscious diet” to control those pesky “subconscious pounds” weighing us down?  When have we read an article about having a relationship with our subconscious so we can understand it and improve our relationship?  Yeah, stuff like this isn’t necessarily at the forefront of our society, or our life.
Luckily, improving our relationship with our subconscious doesn’t have to be dastardly or dangerous work. In fact, it can be quiet pleasurable.

Knock and the Door Shall Open

Knocking is easy once we figure out where and how to knock. Establishing a relationship with our subconscious to heal and improve our life means we need a bit of “sub-cultural sensitivity training”.  Meaning, we need to speak the subconscious language, understand how it makes connections and honor its traditions.
I know it sounds kind of funny, but it’s easy to do.  All’s you need is four things:
An experience
Combine these four things together and what we have is a ritual. And, “BAM!”, we have connected with our subconscious.  We can now have a meaningful exchange and can even change the subconscious messages that stream into us controlling our beliefs and behaviors.

Ritual Changes Everything

Or rather, you change because you did the ritual.  This is one of the nine secrets of tea from my new book, Ritual Tea: How the 9 Secrets of Tea Can Transform Your Life.
Recent experimental research by behavioral scientists Michael I Norton and Francesca Gino found, “Rituals work to make people feel better, but this also included people who did not inherently believe in the efficiency of the ritual.”  What this means is, we don’t even have to believe in the ritual we are doing to benefit from it.  They go on to describe that a simple ritual before eating a carrot actually improved the pleasure and satisfaction participants got from eating a carrot. People viewed the subject of the ritual with more value.  Ritual intentionally changes our brain and ultimately, our subconscious, especially when the ritual is repeated regularly.
Jonathan Fields, in his book Uncertainty: Turing Your Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance, talks about how the underlying psychology of rituals primes us for innovation and creativity. For me, that means that rituals prime us for the realization of our intent by opening us up to infinite possibilities.  We create room in our lives and minds for our intent when we conduct a ritual.
Ritual is so powerful that Maladome Some’ explains in his book, Ritual: Power, Healing and Community, that it literally replaced the need for therapy in his African tribe. The power of ritual has little to do with its grandeur, decorations, how long it is, how many people participate, how simple or how complex it might be. The power of a ritual lies with using symbols that mean something to us with a conscious intent wrapped up in an experience that is important to us and affect us in some way.  Whether that ritual occurs at our desk with a cup of tea, or at a festival with an entire community, the power of the ritual does not change.
Ritual is accessible to us where we are at, as we are right now.  We do not have to go out and spend a lot of money, find people to do it with us, or need any particular item. In fact, there are many folks who practice very powerful rituals inside their mind, because, ultimately, the power of a ritual lies within us.

Would you like to know more about how rituals can change you and how tea might fit in to all of this? I invite you to read my book, Ritual Tea: How the 9 Secrets of Tea Can Transform Your Life. It’s on sale now at Amazon Kindle for $.99 and in paperback at my store for$ 7.49 (and you get free tea and an exclusive coupon for tea when you buy the paperback from my shop).

About the Author

Mario Zeleny 3Mario Zeleny – Lover of all things tea.  Mario spent 15 years in healthcare and social services in clinical and administrative roles that offered coaching to employees and volunteers.  An artist and entrepreneur from an early age, Mario now brings his love of writing, art, spirit, coaching and ritual together online at his creative living site, Sancti Spiritus and also from his transformational art site, Art Spellz. Mario looks forward to completing his education with Mentor Coach and St. Clement Seminary. He currently resides in Sacramento with his husband of 8 years, their children and their domestic sovereign, a pug named Brigit.

His latest book is the self-help inspirational, Ritual Tea: How the 9 Secrets of Tea Can Transform Your Life.

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About the Book

Ritual Tea 2Media headlines abound these days saying, “Tea is trendy…” and we believe it until we read the first chapter of Ritual Tea: How the 9 Secrets of Tea Can Transform Your Life.   Entitled, Tea’s Sordid and Holy Exploits, chapter one is a worldwide, whirlwind tour of tea history that leaves the reader knowing once and for all that tea has always been trendy for very good reasons. Next to water, tea is the world’s most popular drink.

Author Mario Zeleny, lifelong tea lover and personal coach, extracts the magic of tea from its history, uses, and benefits but also from its power to change the world. He brings the secrets of tea into modern light, and makes it accessible for contemporary lifestyles.

“We do not have to be a Buddhist monk, or study The Way of Tea for decades to be your own Tea Master,” says Zeleny, “but you must understand its secrets to reap tea’s transformative qualities in your life.”

Ritual Tea boasts over 30 links to free tea products, ten personal rituals to help with everything from anxiety to sleep, and 10 charts that make crafting our own ritual a breeze.

Discover the transformative power of tea hidden in its history, versatility, and essence through simple, timeless and individualized rituals. To help us on the tea path, the author has made a free Ritual Tea ecourse available through

Tea has made a 5000 year trek to inhabit the world and in its wake it has altered not only individual lives but cultures and countries.  Ritual Tea asks, “Who will we be in tea’s history?”  Will we just make tea, or will we allow tea make us?

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