Book Review: Sex and Sensibility by Derek Ansell

Mature man offering flowers to his wifeTitle: Sex and Sensibility
Author: Derek Ansell
Genre: Romance
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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Tommy Fraser seems to have it all – a beautiful wife, an exciting past, and a vibrant life still ahead of him. But when suddenly confronted with the diagnosis of a possible life-threatening illness, his concerns are not only for his own mortality but his overwhelming desire to continue as a fully functioning, sexual male.

His soulmate and wife of thirty years, Cathy, is with him all the way, in total support and accompanying him to all hospital visits. Faced with an uncertain future, Tommy finds himself reflecting back on the past and his life before Cathy…a life that saw him with a different woman in almost every town he visited.

Debbie, Mandy, Diana, and all the many others are in the distant past, but are they gone forever? Is Tommy’s past about to catch up with him? And does Cathy know more about the man she loves and his colourful former life than she is letting on?

In Sex and Sensibility, Tommy Fraser used to have it all – an exciting past with lots of different women, a beautiful wife who he sees as his soulmate, and a vibrant life ahead of him. That is, until he’s confronted with the dianogises of a life-threatening illness.

His wife, Cathy, supports him all the way, even accompanying him to hospital visits. But the more uncertain his future becomes, the more Tommy reflects upon his past life, a life before Cathy, a life spent with lots of different women. Right at that moment it looks like his past is about to catch up on him.

The book is well-written, and the characters have distinct, refreshing personalities. Tommy was a fun character to read about, and Cathy had a strong personality. She was like a beacon in the darkness, a beacon for Tommy to hold on to. She never gave up, and she kept on going, no matter what.

A solid book with an interesting perspective.

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