Book Review: The Ghost in the Coal Cellar by Andrea Mesich

18579813Title: The Ghost in the Coal Cellar
Author: Andrea Mesich
Genre: Non-Fiction, True Haunting, Ghosts and Hauntings
Rating: 4 sstars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This unique guide takes the reader along on real paranormal investigations into several haunted locations, including Mission Point Resort, the Paulding Lights, the First Ward School House, and individual homes. Author and paranormal investigator Andrea Mesich presents the details of each investigation from start to finish. She describes the ghosts or entities involved, offers colorful historical details about each haunted place or object, and shares both eyewitness accounts and her own personal insights into the paranormal occurrences. Readers will learn about different types of hauntings and how to identify them.

The author also addresses some of the paranormal world’s most misunderstood topics and frequently asked questions, such as why hauntings seem to happen mostly at night, how to distinguish a true EVP from a natural sound, and whether or not using a Ouija Board is dangerous.

The Ghost in the Coal Cellar takes a scientific approach to hauntings. Andrea Mesich starts out by offering the history of a supposedly-haunted location. Then she describes the location or object, the entities supposedly haunting it, and she shares eyewitness accounts. This build up makes sure that there’s something for everyone. For the history buffs, there’s the historical background, which additionally gives insight into the haunting. The eyewitness accounts are kind of like urban legends, and entertaining to read. But the most intriguing part are the paranormal investigations themselves.

Tons of places Andrea mentions in her book, she’s visited herself, and conducted a paranormal investigation in them. This offers an intriguing insight, and a nice end to each chapter. I liked the mix of science, history, and the author’s own experiences: it’s a mix that works every time. The author is also very thorough in her investigation, and visit some locations several times to get a clear idea of what’s going on there. She also tried scientific approaches first, and looked for logical explanations.

The writing is great, and a lot of thought obviously went into how each chapter was created. The book overall reads like a very logical explanation of what’s going on. There’s also suggested further reading for those interested in the topic.

One of the best true haunting books I’ve read all year. A solid recommendation.

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