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Moonflower 2I’m hosting a guest post today for the book tour for The Moonflower. I’ll leave the word to the author now. Enjoy.

Your Invisible Friend: Intuition

By Tara Edin

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” –Steve Jobs

Intuition is not as woo-woo as some may think. We all have it but not all are attuned to it. In fact, intuition is just as natural as breathing. It is always there, whether we are aware of it or not. When I was growing up, I was intuitively sensitive, but was taught that if something didn’t make logical sense, then it simply was not real. As I began to spiritually open up in my 30’s, I was relieved to reunite with the unspoken truth I had known my entire life. The answers to all of our questions–profound or simple–lie within our own heart and spirit. Yes, we have all the answers! We hear this over and over in movies and stories because it is a universal truth. Sometimes it takes time for our conscious minds to catch up to our intuitive leads, but the answers are always there. The heart and spirit make us who we are at our very core. They are the unseen aspects that often lie dormant until the ego and rational mind learn to work together in a more balanced relationship with our intuitive self.

Life is full of joys, challenges and mysteries. Intuition can assist us in navigating through life with faith, trusting we already possess everything we need to live a beautiful life even if all of the details are not yet in place. We can let go of trying to make sense of the small stuff or controlling the outcomes, which opens the way for divine guidance to enter. The Universe supports us and works in concert with our deeper self, which knows what is best for us even before our rational mind has a clue. When we are connected to our intuitive self, we receive these clues more readily. By simply trusting, we allow magic, miracles, and synchronicities to abundantly bless our lives.

A couple of ways to align your intuitive self with your cognitive self are through regular mediation and positive affirmations. Both allow us to tap into subconscious waters while acknowledging our conscious mind. You will begin to see, hear, feel, and know more acutely.

Some may say I’m a dreamer, random, or irrational for following my heart. However, the freedom in trusting myself is of more value to me than are others’ opinions. Of course, we are social beings and do care what others’ think of us, but we must not let that quiet our voices or deter our paths. After all, there will be as many opinions as there are people, and we were born with one heart and one spirit for a reason. We must be true to ourselves no matter how crazy it may seem to those around us. And when the miracles start happening, simply smile and thank your invisible ally!

About the Author

Tara is an incest, rape and sexual assault survivor, a teacher, a wife, a mother, a Reiki master, and an author.

As a rape and sexual assault survivor, who struggled for many years, yet came out on the bright side, one of Tara’s goals is to help fellow survivors feel less alone, less crazy, and more inspired.

Tara spent much of her life feeling “wrong” and being quiet due to some very tough circumstances that shook her to the core. After a spiritual awakening on one of her darkest nights, Tara began to embrace her own power to transform past trials into dreams come true.

Writing her story has helped Tara retrieve her voice and find additional creative outlets. Publishing her book has simply made her story available to those who may benefit from it.

These days, Tara puts most of her energy into raising her two children, enhancing her creative life, and living her best life ever. But because she is a Survivor, Tara will always walk a healing path—healing for herself and for others.

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About the Book

Blooming was her Birthright. Darkness the Unexpected Catalyst.

Tara is an incest, rape and sexual abuse survivor, who suffered from PTSD for many years but was misdiagnosed with mental illnesses instead. This took her down a near-fatal path ultimately ending in an accident, which nearly claimed her life at age 29. Most only know the abridged version of the story, yet the real story holds many truths and miracles that must be shared. With a second lease on life, Tara faces the sexual abuse and betrayal from her younger years with support from a compassionate zen therapist. Tara begins to recreate her life with a new spirituality that feeds her soul and encompasses her painful past, giving life to the love that has always been her birthright. With lucid prose and powerful poetry, Tara details her soul’s transformation from darkness to light, offering her readers the gifts of honesty, empathy, and empowerment.

Moonflower is Part Memoir, Part Self-Help & Part Spiritual Odyssey.

Rape, incest and sexual assault are unspoken controversial topics that still fester behind closed doors in the 21st century as survivors are still being told to “Get over it,” or worse, “It didn’t even happen.” It takes years to heal from such life-altering, traumatic experiences, and many survivors are doing this work alone. There is a great need for testimonies from those who have emerged from their ordeals stronger.

This revealing story uncovers the aftermath of abuse that often leads to unstable relationships, repeated abuse, and mental or physical disease. Although Moonflower covers difficult topics such as emotional and sexual abuse, the author sifts through these experiences to offer her readers the gifts and lessons that can be drawn from such setbacks.

There is no cookie-cutter journey to healing, but there is great power in sharing our stories. Moonflower exhibits the power of the self and spirit in the healing process. It stretches beyond what may be considered a “normal” path and braves a non-traditional spiritual road to wellness, inspiring others to broaden their perspectives of the healing experience. Readers will be inspired by Tara’s fiery spirit and deep reflective soul, cheering her on as she finds her way back to herself.

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