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I’m hosting a guest post today for the book tour for “Twice Lost”. I hope you enjoy the post.

Character Guest Post: Jenna Thanatos

Hey, my name is Jenna and up until a few weeks ago I thought I was just like you. Going through life trying to make the most of it. I enjoyed adventure and I would consider myself an all-around fun kind of woman. I had packed up my bags and moved up to Maine with my boyfriend Kyle about a year ago. Well let me tell you he really opened up my kinky side, not that it was ever hidden very far under the surface.

Then, he was murdered, and my entire life was turned upside down. See as it turned out, the men who killed him, were actually looking for me. Apparently I’m part of some prophecy foretelling the coming of a female Harbinger of Death. Me! A Harbinger of Death, I cried for three hours once when I hit a squirrel with my car, how is it that I’m now someone who takes a soul to hell.

So there I was stranded in the woods with a dead boyfriend and two men still hunting me. And as if my night couldn’t get any worse, I end up changing into some ghoulish monster, getting tranquilized and stuffed into a concrete box to be transported to go god only knows where. I’ll tell you, I’ve had some bad dates before but this one really tops the charts.

Anyway, Tim who also happens to be a Harbinger of Death had been staking out the place and rescued me from a fate I don’t even want to think about. He got the lovely job of explaining to me that my life was never going to be the same form that point on. I was what those men were looking for a myth, a legend the only female Harbinger to ever exist. No pressure right.

How does that happen? One day you’re human and the next you’re some immortal monster who takes the souls of the most evil and despicable humans to hell. Frankly I’m still trying to adjust, unfortunately without my knight in shiny black wings, who ended up trading his safety for mine. Who could fault a guy for that right?

But lucky for me I’m not exactly alone. Turns out Harbingers have friends, who would have guessed. So right now with the help of Tye who is… well, I’m not actually sure what Tye is. Aside from a six foot five pain in my ass. We don’t always see eye to eye on my training, he tends to treat me somewhere between the baby sister her never had and the dog he couldn’t get to obey him. It’s really a love hate type of relationship we have. Don’t get me wrong he would lay down his life to protect me, even if it’s from myself.

But he’s teaching me how to adjust to my new body, which now consists of wings, claws and horns. My fighting skills which I desperately need if I’m going to join these boys on a rescue mission to get Tim has been left in the very capable hands of Gabriel.

When I first met Gabe he was an arrogant playboy who thought that he was God’s gift to women kind, okay so he sort of is. Six foot six, cocoa skin and eyes the color of the Caribbean Sea. Who could blame me for falling head over wings for him? He’s…he’s something I never expected to find. Sure he’s an amazing lover who I’m pretty sure gets more turned on when I’m in total monster mode but he’s also my biggest protector. They say you never find love if you’re looking for it. Then it walks in to door and you’re just done for. I wasn’t looking for him but now that I have him, I’m never letting go.

Now… well now the three of us are going to go rescue Tim, save the world. You know, all in a day’s work.

Guest Post: Jennifer Field

Thank you for joining me on this Blog Tour. The entire experience of writing Twice Lost has been a complete whirlwind journey. About two years ago I basically woke up one morning after having a crazy dream and decided to start to write a book. I know, crazy.

It wasn’t one of these lifelong dreams that I needed to fulfill. It was something I wanted to do to really see if I could. I’m like that with a lot of things. I’d say the journey really started about five years ago in the beginning of 2010. I decided that I wanted to read a hundred books in one year. Now for me, that’s a lot of books. I also needed to find the time to read. So I read nightly on my elliptical as I worked out. I found that my favorite books where Paranormal and if they had sex in them, even better. They made working out go by quick.

So there I was, reading books and getting into shape and by December of 2010 I had 104 books under my belt. I guess like so many people I said. “I could do this, I could write a book.” Now don’t get me wrong. Twice Lost wasn’t my first attempt at writing a book. NO, far from it. I attempted to write romance, thriller, steampunk. You name it, I bet I have a partial story written in that genre.

Then I figured, why not write what I like to read. Essentially writing the book not for an audience, but for me. So I started telling the story of my crazy dream. Which by the way, is nothing like the final story, but it gave me a start. First there was one word then a thousand then five-thousand. But even more important than my word cound, I found that I loved creating a story. It was like wondering what my favorite characters were going to do next, and then being able to make it happen.

One of the struggles I’ve had with writing is that I am hands down the worst speller on the face of the planet and my grammar and punctuation aren’t far behind. But I figured those things shouldn’t stop me from writing. It just meant that I needed to find an amazing editor. Which by the way I did. Everyone should send her flowers and thank her.

I like to share those facts with people who love books because like me I think if you love to read at some point you’re going to say…”I should write a book.” And you shouldn’t feel that something like poor spelling should hold you back. If you want to write, by all means do it. You’ll just need to accept that your spelling is poor and know that spell-check will make it worse. But an editor, is worth their weight in gold. It’s like safe sex, don’t have sex without a condom. Safe writing, don’t publish without an editor.

So, now I have the first book in what will be the Harbinger Series written and published. I am about a quarter of the way done with book two Twice Visited which is going to continue the journey of the characters you’re going to come to love and some you will grow to hate. We are hoping to have a release date of September 2015 for book two and in-between I’ll be putting out three novella length stories within the Harbinger Series.

About Twice Lost

Twice-Lost-21-200x300Title: Twice Lost
Author: Jennifer Field
Publisher: Forever Red Publishing, LLC
Pages: 379
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
Format: Paperback/Kindle

Jenna Thanatos is discovering that life isn’t what it always seems. Just an ordinary girl with a healthy sexual appetite, she soon learns there are such things that “go bump in the night” and she’s one of them. Can she accept who she really is? Can she save the sexy men in her life and herself before it’s too late? Join Jenna on her life altering journey and learn what it’s like to be a Harbinger.

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About the Author

Jennifer FieldJennifer lives in Massachusetts and works full-time in the Bridal Industry. With a daytime job surrounded by simple romance, it is her love for adventure that makes her who she is. She has a love for all things 80’s and has a very mild Diet Coke addiction. As an avid mountain climber, it is not unusual for Jennifer to be hanging off a 5.9 in the Adirondacks or the Shawangunk Mountain ranges. During the off season of climbing, also known as winter, she attends the New England Center for Circus Arts where she studies static trapeze (think Cirque rather than circus). She is an only child so she has her mother to thank for her over active imagination and knack for storytelling. Over the years she has written several short stories of the “naughty” nature for friends but  never had envisioned herself as a writer; Just someone who enjoyed telling a steamy story from time to time. Throughout school she had difficulty with spelling and English, but it never stopped her love for reading, especially a good romance, horror or mystery! To this day she still spells so poorly that even spell check has to ask what the heck she is trying to spell.

Her latest book is the paranormal erotica, Twice Lost.

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