Bloggiesta September 2014


It’s Bloggiesta again! Last time, this event really helped me get more organized, and made me tackle tons of things on my blog to do list. Now I’m at it again, with a new to-do-list.

If you want to participate with a fun bunch of people, or just want some inspiration to tackle that dreaded to-do-list, sign up for Bloggiesta here.

This time, Bloggiesta runs from Thursday, September 18 to Sunday, September 21st (midnight is the deadline, no matter where you are in the world!).

Here’s my to do list for this Fall Bloggiesta:

  • Set up guest posts, book promos and excerpts, starter day parties and release day parties until the end of September.
  • Write remaining reviews until the end of September (mostly for book tour sign ups).
  • Write mini-reviews for December (these should be the last of the mini-reviews, that is, if I manage to catch up with my Netgalley reviews by then). Five more mini-reviews to go.
  • Add reviews September to Goodreads, Amazon, B&N and Netgalley.
  • Add reviews August to review index.
  • Comment on ten other blogs participating in Bloggiesta.
  • Finish reading “The Betrayed” and “Magisterium”.
  • Add books reviewed in July to review index.
  • Add books reviewed in July to I Heart Yearly Reads.
  • Add books reviewed in August to I Heart Yearly Reads.
  • Update reading challenges for July and August.
  • Update blogger bio in the sidebar (outdated).

If you’re participating too, feel free to leave a link to your to do list in the comments! Good luck.


  1. Wow, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy. Good luck!

  2. Impressive list! You already are on your way, so have fun!

  3. Great list, good luck and it looks like your doing great so far!

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