Book Review and Giveaway for I Am Ella. Buy Me. by Joan Ellis

cover-4-1Title: I am Ella. Buy me.

Author: Joan Ellis

Genre: Humor / Chick lit / Romance

Rating: 4 stars

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‘I am a ginger tom. I am a boy racer. I am a housewife. I am a pain in the arse.’

Ella David is Bridget Jones meets Peggy from Mad Men.

Working in Soho’s mad, bad Adland in the sexist 80s, Ella is a rare beast – a woman in a man’s world, dodging her sleazy boss, Peter.

Based on Joan’s experiences in Soho’s mad, bad Adland, this fast-paced, funny tale is set against a backdrop of Thatcher’s Britain when money trumps morals
and lust is a must. Thankfully, Ella knows love is more powerful but can two unlikely friendships help her go from a girl in the firing line to a woman calling the shots?

I Am Ella. Buy Me. is the story of Ella, a woman who struggles to find out what she wants in life. She works as a copywriter, but gets anything but fulfillment from her job. Her boss is constantly harrassing her, trying to get her into his bed, and Ella has trouble continuing to deny his advances when he gets more and more persistent. Ella’s world ranges from frustrating to hilarious. The 80s form an interesting setting, with sexism, the power of money, and lack of morality. This is one of the first books I’ve read set in that time period, and it’s a real eye-opener.

The writing is down-to-earth, not too fancy, but this style makes it easier to relate to the characters, in particular Ella, and her two unlikely friends, who each add a different layer to the story. Ella also has some love troubles – she’s in love with Tom, an up-and-coming rock star, but the rock lifestyle might make his morals more questionable than she’d like to believe.

Yet despite all the drama and frustration, Ella is still just the girl-next-door. She could be anyone, which makes it so easy to connect with her as a reader. She’s just an ordinary person.

This is a hilarious chick lit novel that I would highly recommend if you want to have a laugh, or if you want to find a character you can easily connect with.


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